Windows Vista – Installation in Virtualbox (2018)

Here is my video tutorial on how to install Windows Vista in Virtualbox!



Windows Vista 64-Bit:

Windows Vista 32-Bit:

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24 thoughts on “Windows Vista – Installation in Virtualbox (2018)

  1. When I try to pick the operating system from the storage setting from virtualbox the file is transplanted and won't let you pick it. I am using the Windows I downloaded for the link. What am a doing wrong? When I using a download from any where else it will let me pick it but when I start the machine it just says "No bootable media found"

  2. It didn't work and he isn't really relpying to people asking for help so can somenone else help
    I got the vista 32-bit ISO rar file and it doesn't wanna extract nor open
    Opening says that the format is invalid or it's damaged
    extracting it says that there are no files in it

  3. Może….i jestem Polakiem bo jestem ale uwielbiam cie za ten film marzyłem o systemie windows vista mam 10 ale no troche nie jestem z niej zadowolony……ale jest naprawdę do wytrzymania a viste uzytkuje na innym kompie u dziadków i śmiga pozdrawiam cie !

  4. Thank you kind sir! I made a "gaming" windows vista machine with 4 CPU cores, 256 MB of VRAM, 8 GB of ram, with 3D Graphics acceleration, and everything that 2006 me would have wanted.

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