44 thoughts on “why your iphone might be getting the "Touch ID Failed" error

  1. PLEASE HELP! Its a normal day and i come back from
    school i just loaded my iphone and was about to unlock it but when i pressed the home button nothing worked and finger id failed and cant be used on my phone also my home button does NOTHING anymore and NOTHING happened to my iphone!!!!! please help me this cant be im done

  2. My fingerprint was great until I was at school and a classmate broke my button and I got it fixed 2 months later and now my fingerprint dose not work 🤕

  3. Hate having no Touch ID especially if you have a device that is compatible with Touch ID its such bullshit honestly, your phone is basically a fucking iPhone 4. 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s a shame honestly

  4. I wish the creator of apple dies it is the worst brand of gadgets it says Oops you moved
    while im making a Fingerprint i just breathed and it said that

  5. The problem with mine (iPhone 8 plus) is that after the last update (I think it was the last one) it hardly ever works now. Like it’s not as easy and I have to be putting in my passcode. Before the update it would easily work. Now just every now and then. Hardly ever! UGH! 😩😫 pleeeease someone help me! I can add more fingerprints but when I try it says to use another print. I’ve ran out of FINGERS! WTF??!! 😤😤

  6. Tbh in my setting when I look in my setting I don’t see the Touch ID & password idk why I don’t that is gone

  7. When i add my fingerprints they keep saying try again idk what is wrong with my iphone. Then i only think of throwing my iphone. Bc i was frustrated😞

  8. Yeah but i have the original screen like ive had this iphone for 3years dude. The touch id has just quit on me idk what to do now.

  9. My is not working 95% of the time I dry my hands I clean the touch id/home button sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt ITS PROB HAS TO DO WITH THE SCREEN ITS BENT MY PHONE ITS BENT EXCEPT THE SCREEN GLASS PANel and I think I broke a screw that holds it panel in place one side clicks when I push down and let go one side doesnt

  10. My button stopped working months ago and I’ve been using assistive touch but then last week all of a sudden my Touch ID stopped working too! I can’t afford to repair it and I’m scared that even if I do get it repaired something else will get damaged in the process 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. even with the orignal LCD and and original HB but it fails. I didn't even replace the screen. Im gonna try pairing it with another LCD to see if it works.

    edit: pairing it with another LCD didnt work so now I think its maybe a bug with the motherboard itself FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

  12. Replacing the screen from 1 tiny little crack? Bruh my bottom right corner is all broken and I still don’t want to get the screen replaced yet

  13. u can replace screen but use the original touch ID/home button coz iphone touch ID is PAIRED with the logicboard that comes with it..in other words if u replace the home button u will never get ur touch ID ever again unless u go to apple store…so when u replace ur screen at rep shop tell em u want ur original home button back on ur phone or u can kiss ur touchID gudbye

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