Why High Cholesterol After Intermittent Fasting?

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In this video, I talk about why you might have high cholesterol after intermittent fasting, and if it’s okay. You may notice that I’ve gone over some of this information before. But, someone came to me with a question about this, and I want to make sure the message gets to those who need to hear it (or hear it again).

This person was concerned because they were doing intermittent fasting, but yet their cholesterol was still going up. I understand. If you experience high cholesterol while fasting, you could get worried. You don’t want to have a heart attack.

But, really, if you’re doing keto (ketogenic diet) and intermittent fasting, you’re not going to have a heart attack—even if you do experience high cholesterol temporarily.

When you fast, you mobilize your fat. The fat is filled mostly with triglycerides and some cholesterol. Triglycerides are primarily used as energy.

Cholesterol is not used to make energy. But, it’s used to make hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol (which is your anti-inflammatory hormones). Also, all of the cell membranes in your body need cholesterol. So, your body makes a lot of it.

When you eat more cholesterol, your body makes less. When you eat less cholesterol, your body makes more. There’s a feedback mechanism going on.

Now, this is something very important you need to know about cholesterol:

• Cholesterol acts to repair damage in the body.

But, cholesterol doesn’t just float through the arteries. Blood and cholesterol don’t mix that well. So, it’s put in little shuttle busses of protein (known as LDL, HDL, etc.) to be transported through the body easily.

A lot of the time, after intermittent fasting, you’re going to see a huge drop in triglycerides and LDL. But, you may see a cholesterol spike because it’s being mobilized.

If you do experience a cholesterol spike on keto and during fasting, it’s just the transition. A good test you can do is take your cholesterol and minus your HDL and LDL, and what you will get is your remnant cholesterol.

But, what you really need to know about high cholesterol is that it all goes back to a high carbohydrate diet. When you bring your carbs down, your body stops storing and starts using stored energy as fuel.

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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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21 thoughts on “Why High Cholesterol After Intermittent Fasting?

  1. Can I please be a testimony to this!!!! I've had high cholesterol for 24yrs. Since I was 18yrs old. I am 41yrs old, and just got my bloodwork results last night, and for the first time in 24yrs my cholesterol is absolutely normal!!!! I do Keto and IF for 5 months now, and lost 49lbs. I have never been so ecstatic in my life. All my bloodwork is normal, everything. For liver, heart, kidneys, sugar, potassium b12. I got the works done, because my Dr wanted to see what it does, and now she will recommend keto and fasting to her patients due to my results. I am beyond stoked!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Dr. Berg, I love your videos. I have being doing I.F for a few months, but continue to wonder whether drinking coffee is detrimental to the benefits of I.F. I’ll truly appreciate your response. Thanks.

  3. Love your videos…your the one that changed my whole life from a 3 hundred lbs women at 5/4 and extremely bad health from high cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, pre diabetes and many more…the list could go on and on and on top of that I developed a heart condition called postpartum cardiomyopathy from the birth of my son back in 99 when I was only 22 and was giving no hope but tons of meds and now 4 years later in my 40ds I found you, started Keto and in 15 months lost 160+ lbs and have kept it off along with the 18 meds that were taken away and incredibly blood work plus my heart function is almost normal!!! I can’t thank you enough Dr Berg, for you have changed my life and I feel like a teen again and still always incorporate intermitting fasting and I too have a Keto channel right there where I now have helped many get their lives back and lose tons of weight and I always tell them about you!!!!!!

  4. Dr. Berg I greatly appreciate your videos but I Do Not appreciate your subtle sarcasm about the fact that you have repeated this info in past videos stating, "but for some people it does take the repetition before it finally sinks in and they actually do apply the information." Believe it or not, for some people this is the first video they have seen about this topic and believe it or not, as a professional educator – repetition is important for teaching and learning. Maybe you need a break from creating almost daily youtube videos then maybe you will appreciate your viewers more highly.

  5. I started eating extreemely clean Keto. (2 months) Loosing wight, feeling good . I take alot of omega 3 fromt wod liver oil, I got my blood testged and my tris came down to 140, HDL only 39, totoal cholestol at 270 (went up) LDL at 200. I understand that my choletorol can go up while lossing weight byt why can i not get my HDLs up I have never had them above 40 . I eat lots of eggsl, oliv oil, no vegitable oils or processed anything, some fruit. Is there anything else I can do to raise my HDLS. Im kind desparate at this point. Im trying to correct Calcium scors and cleaning house. PS I do intermittent fasting as well. My main concern is the HDL and LDL

  6. People who find out I'm on Keto (and I have to explain what Keto is) constantly go on about why I'm not concerned about cholesterol

  7. Question.. so do we want our bodies to create less cholesterol by introducing more fatty acid foods/ supplements? Is there a benefit to that method?

  8. From now on i am going to say thank you, SIR Dr Berg. because you are the best, i'v being following you for these last 2 years, never being so heathly in all my life, I'm 64 years old. a lot of people say i look 40, No wrinkles on my face, just sparkling eyes and big smiles. Thank's to all your advice by FASTING and good healthly KETO.

  9. On the 3rd day of my prolonged fast, I had an annual medical checkup including the standard blood test. Since the last year, I started the keto diet and both intermittent and prolonged fasting. I dropped a lot of weight and feel better and this included my decision to stop taking statins for cholesterol.

    My doctor was not pleased, my total cholesterol was 278. He means well but it appears that he was not familiar with the natural benefits of cholesterol.

  10. Dr. B – my husband and I have been doing keto for 3.5 years and following you for 2.5; you have changed our lives. My husband recently was at the Dr and he said that if my husband’s cholesterol doesn’t come down he wants to put him on meds this fall. Of course we aren’t going to do that but GRRRR so frustrating with the prevailing mindset out there

  11. Quick question about intermittent fasting. I've been doing IF for almost a month and for about 3 weeks doing 16:8 and felt a little fatigued. Today I managed to do 20:4 and feel a lot more awake and energized. Is this a result of doing a 20 hour fast?

  12. I have been on keto for almost 2 month, I’m type 2 diabetic, I have taken my a1c from 8.3 to 5.4, my Keytone levels are pretty consistently 1.0 to 3.0, but interesting enough in the same time my triglycerides have shot up from 300 ish to 450 ish. I thought keto was suppose to do the opposite?

  13. You should precise or make clear that on this keto diet the eater doesn't need a whole lot of fat. Americans tend to eat very huge portions, so by telling them this is a high fat low carb diet, many Americans are going to indulge in fats and that's not what it's all about. Reduce portions. A slice of cheese and a small patty burger with a huge salad lots of vegetables in it is the way to go. Not the other way round. Not lots of fats with a small salad.

    You need to emphasize how vital consuming vegetables is.

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