32 thoughts on “Why Cholesterol is GOOD FOR YOU!

  1. They won't admit that's its omega 6 vegetable oils ,trans fats like margarine and Crisco , cigarettes and sugar as the primary culprits of heart disease. anyway the better predictors would be metabolic syndrome which include waist circumference , Low HDL , high triglycerides , high blood pressure and high fasting blood sugar. these five factors predict heart attack and stroke better anyway but the focus on LDL . But a 2009 study showed that most myocardial infarction victims have LDL lower than average when admitted to the hospital at the time of their heart attack. Besides Insulin resistance is rooted in metabolic syndrome. which is the real cause of modern disease . Peace good video Frankie

  2. There's two types of LDL 1 & LDL 2 one of them is bad depending on the size of the particle there's a specific test your doctor can take for that but regular medical insurance won't cover it. We've been miss lead about the effects of Cholesterol

  3. I’m reading some comments about consuming raw eggs. Raw eggs put you at. risk for salmonella which is not fun. Have had it and it’s horrible.

  4. It sucks talking to your family about their indoctrination… I’m the crazy person in my family…. because I don’t have a degree and didn’t memorize the broken systems literature and pass the tests 😅

  5. good analogies but leave the vegans out of it. We all know by now that cholesterol intake doesn’t really matter. We can fast for months and be okay because our liver can produce cholesterol all the cholesterol we need. Dietary intake just reduces liver production.

  6. I think taking your word for it over the entire sciencentific community is a very wise move.

    Thanks Frank. I can sleep easy at night knowing that I can raise my cholesterol to high levels like yours and not worry.

  7. From your experience how many calories are there in a pound of lean steak on average? I'm reading 500-1000, trying to figure out if I'll have to eat 2lbs or 4lbs of steak a day (big difference).

  8. Your body makes all the good cholesterol it needs. Any artificial cholesterol from things like eggs and meat will simply clog your arteries and lead to disease. We are not designed like dogs to digest it (they can eat a bar of butter a day and it won’t affect them).

    Fruits and leafy greens are the most natural and most agreeable diet for the human being.

    Horses and humans and other “sweaters” are all herbivores. Humans like herbivores and frugivores (which we more closely resemble) have alkaline saliva (ptyalin) whereas omnivores/carnivores have no carb-digesting enzymes. Similarly humans have smooth tongues like plant eaters and additionally we use the tongue to shovel food in like frugivores. Omnivores/carnivores have rough tongues-especially meat eaters for tearing flesh. We have simple livers and large salivary glands like plant eaters as opposed to the complex (extremely complex for carnivores) livers and small glands. Brain chemistry is different and many other things. Again our molars, incisors, and “canines” are different from meat eaters and we have well-developed facial muscles for chewing whereas omni/carnivores have reduced muscles for wide mouth gapes as they generally chomp up and down and swallow their food in large chunks (meat eaters’ jaws as mentioned chomp up and down generally and can’t move sideways). The jaws of plant eaters are similar to each other but different from both omni and carnivores, which are similar to each other. Omnivores are generally carnivores who eat some plants. There are many other points too. Human instinct is to feel compassion for hurt animals (because we have advanced understanding such as empathy that interestingly enough, animals also often share). We don’t salivate at dead corpses; But we do for grapes and oranges etc. Fruits and leafy greens are our ideal food. The health benefits have been known for millennia.


  9. Brilliant Frankie! Have you ever heard of Dr. Ted Broer? He was the person I first heard that cholesterol is vital. He’s a wealth of information. Thanks 💛✨💛✨ Hope things are looking up for you. I know you’re pretty maxed out with everything you have going on. Said some prayers for you and your family today. Take care

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