46 thoughts on “What is burn-in on TV? l Samsung

  1. Pretty much South Korean trashing attitude. If LG was a Japanese company, they would've burned their TVs on the streets.
    South Koreans: If you can't do better, whine about it..

  2. Samsung – when are you going to provide a fix for the moisture warning that comes up on your phones? Garbage product and garbage customer service. # buyingagooglephone

  3. Samsung is burning from awsome LG Oled Tvs. Yeah u can be ahead for next years in mobile but you could not be in TV.

  4. All my life I bought Samsung both TV and smartphone. After this TV, in fact, I never buy ANYTHING from Samsung again.
    It does not come with an air mouse, to see YouTube as soon as you plug it in, you have to wait 30min, being "intelligent" the configuration is limited … Then I try to solve problems with customer service and they attend you in a chat !!! In a chat !!!! Above in a chat where they left me hanging …

    All this together with the fact that my Samsung Galaxy S7 is starting to fail right after the end of the warranty makes me confirm that SAMSUNG IS FINISHED.

  5. Utuk hp samsung bisa tidak slot sim tidak usah pakai jarum lagi, tapi gunakan cara lain untuk membukanya, seperti menggunakan sidik jari untuk membuka slot sim, agar lebih aman

  6. Now’s a perfect time to remind everyone that Samsung is investing 11 billion dollars in the R&D and production of OLED TV panels.

  7. Samsung cant you make background software that shifts the image left or right one pixel every 30 seconds or so to prevent it completely?

  8. 16k ser necesita cambia todo formado regular activa HDRCT 16K CUANDO SEA 16K SOLO TOY IDEA USTEDES TOMA DESICIONES

  9. Our Samsung LED TV had fallen and then suddenly it has visible lines in it….is there any ways to remove those visible lines…?

  10. Sure, Samsung. We will listen to you and buy only a QLED TV of yours. But what about your flagship OLED phones of yours like Note 10 and S10? Shall we stop buying them as well?

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