35 thoughts on “What are the symptoms of Uric Acid and Cholesterol?

  1. meri mam ko puri body mei pain tha,gutno mei back me sab jagha dikhaya koi fark nahi pada, sab kuch try karna ke baad humne Our Ayurvada ki dawa order ki 2800rs ,umeed too bilkil nahi thee par sirf 4 months me purra pain khatam ho gaya, abhi 9 months ho gya dawa shod kaar purri tarha theek hai

  2. Question: G asan alfaz mein bataiye k Uric Acid hota kia hai?
    (so called) "Nutritionist": Aaj kal 90% logon mein Uric Acid ka masla hai.
    Phr chariman Nab aur politicians tou ase honge he 😀 😉
    Conclusion: Neem Hakeem wabal e jaan

  3. Loky tori shimlaa Mirch egg white part only Halki chapati k saat mong daal patli daal dahi use Kary tomatoes me khana ni banana 2spoon rice chicken pulau chicken na len fish biryani matter ka shorba Olive oil me pkay

  4. Very humbly explained….not in rush….though its hard to quit every thing buy I guess its for those who are at high suffering stage

  5. I diagnosed with Uric acid. Doc said no grains, no meat and gave medicine and more water consumption.
    I took homeopathic Medicine religiously, have plenty of water but increased meat consumption because I like it. But I feel better now

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  7. آپکے کہنے پر عمل کیا جائے تو بھوکا پیاسا ہی رہنا پڑے گا پھر اس سے بہتر ہے کہ روزہ ہی رکھو جب تک یورک ایسڈ ختم نہ ہو جائے

  8. For God sake she dnt know anything abt the concern disease This is nt her profession. Who did u call first please inquire and then call experienced and qualified people.

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