Vegetable stock (Chaeso-gukmul: 채소국물)

Hello everybody! Exciting exciting! This is the first recipe from my new cookbook! Vegetable stock (Chaeso-gukmul: 채소국물) is my first choice because you can use it as a substitute in any of my other recipes that call for anchovy kelp stock. And there are 2 bonus side dish recipes as a byproduct! Full recipe:

Make vegetarian kimchi with this:

Help others by translating the English caption into your own language:

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30 thoughts on “Vegetable stock (Chaeso-gukmul: 채소국물)

  1. Spanish caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you very much!

  2. Maangchi, you are adorable! I'm extremely happy with vegetarian versions of your recepies! That's so sweet of you! Thank you so much! Love you! And also I send my thanks and best wishes to Dinaya (you even conversed measures – I do appreciate it)!

  3. Thank you so much for blessing us with your new plant-based recipes ❤️ I’ve been your fan for a long time and decided to go vegan around a year ago, so I’m really glad that I can keep enjoying your recipes even now. You’re my idol of Korean cooking!

  4. Superb n creative 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻thank you so much…very useful

  5. 책 출간 축하드려요.

    육수내고 남은 다시마 볶아서 반찬하면 맛있다고 들어서..다시마볶음 레시피 필요했는데..고맙습니다 ^^
    저는..육수내고 남은 무는..조림해 먹어요..전으로 먹을 생각은 못했는데..다음에 해 봐야겠어요 ^^

  6. Made all of these today! I was able to make the pancake batter gluten free using a mixture of rice flour, tapioca starch and corn starch. Still turned out crispy. Kelp stir fry was very delicious!! Thank you for the great video and recipes!!

  7. I was watching you from 2 years minimum 😍 and I'm proud to see you use arabic language in title and subtitles and discrbtion ❤☺ احبك وانتِ فنانة ومبدعة 😭❤❤❤ اقدم متابعة عربية لقناتك الممتعة

  8. I m from India…and I m a vegetarian…I m very curious about Asian food but they use most part of non veg .. for me it's a very big problem… thanks dear for sharing your recipie

  9. Hi Maangchi i am from Ecuador and i am working in a store all my managers are from Korean….and I learn to eat korean food is veeeeeery delicious…..really love korean food kimchi is my favorite… you have a channel from Facebook

  10. I love how you made multiple recipes and nothing went to waste! I had NO IDEA you could re use kelp!!! I’ve been making Dashi for Miso soup and then feeding the kelp to my chickens! Now I will eat it 😃 🌈 💕

  11. 망치! 저는 국물내고 맨날 버렸는데…너무 좋은방법같아요.
    무전은 처음이네요. 다음에 꼭 만들어볼께요.^^

  12. Maangchi I love you so much I Tried many of your recipe but I would love if you show me how to make salamon fish and shrimp in deep soy sauce which they have brown color and thank you 😊

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