Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2019 off-road review: VX

The Toyota LandCruiser is a deadset off-roading legend, its reputation built on a lifetime of reliability, toughness, capability, not to mention the availability of Toyota parts Australia-wide.

The 200 Series has been around for more than a decade and, until the 300 Series arrives here in about two 2019s, it’s your only option if you want to climb into a brand-new Cruiser.

Toyota reckons the 200 is the “King off the road” so we took it into the bush to test that claim. Is the 200 actually still any good? Or does it now rely too much on technology, rather than old-school mechanicals?

We tested the VX, the second-from-top-spec 200 Series, in a four-variant range. Price as tested is $100,865 (plus on-road costs). The 200 Series has a 4.5-litre turbo-diesel V8 engine – producing 200kW at 3600rpm and 650Nm at 1600-2600rpm. Fuel consumption is listed as 9.5L/100km (combined), but we recorded 12.6L/100km (including a lot of low-range 4WDing). It has a five-star ANCAP rating from testing conducted in 2011.

It’s not perfect – it’s big, heavy and expensive – but it’s one of the best in the large SUV mob. It’s a roomy, capable 4WD wagon and there are lots of accessories available for it.

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32 thoughts on “Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2019 off-road review: VX

  1. I bought my first 100 Series GXL brand new back in 2006 when I was 25. Was the best car in the world. A year later the 200 series was born and I quickly went about selling my GXL so I could upgrade to the ultimate. I drove out of Toyota in Burleigh Heads in November 2007 on my 27th birthday with a brand new 200 Series Sahara. My gosh I’ll never forget the feeling. Was the first one on the Gold Coast as I’d ordered it in. Drove straight to my mate Gibbo’s house in Palm Beach and pulled up in his driveway and beeped the horn. He came out and almost fell over. What an incredible piece of engineering. Will never forget the love. Unfortunately that particular series 1 model had numerous issues with oil burning etc, so took a little bit of the live away but none the less. Was one of the most beautiful trucks I’ve owned. To this day I’m saving for the 300 series. Can’t wait to feel that sensation again.

  2. Are you serious? The second hill was basically a driveway. You could see the road base at the bottom. Complete joke.

    When can we expect to see Carsguide do a story on the Toyota DPF issue and the class action??? One of Australia's biggest selling cars (Hilux), combined with the Prado are crippled by shonky DPFs and not a word from the mainstream auto media. Are you guys in the manufacturers pocket or what?

  3. My Nan’s Daihatsu charade would of got up that gravel driveway to, although I agree with you get a gxl save 20+ thousand , you don’t need all the fancy stuff ,like you said you can stick your head out the window and see where your going. Good review mate

  4. I’d love a v8 cruiser… just a damn shame about the bullshit price tag 🙁 surprising though how many people have them. Makes me wonder wtf I’m doing wrong in life 😂

  5. I don't know which i prefer – this , or the 70 series. Both look very chunky and rugged, but in very different ways.
    One day I'm going to lose the Corolla , and buy one of these in retirement……and see the length and breadth of Australia.

  6. How fortunate that it reassuringly beeps in irritating protest when being unable to scale a hill, as if to mock you for thinking it was capable of such an endeavour. Guaranteed to not make your blood boil whatsoever.

  7. Having owned a 200 Series for 4 years the things I found were…you never use crawl up a hill you just drive, use crawl down steep hills. Be very careful offroad with KDSS as its very easy to bust a CV especially if the left front is at full articulation. The common CV is the passenger side, i did my first on the old tele track with only 14,000 klms on the clock and no warranty from Toyota as I had ARB suspesnsion. Get a second fuel filter fitted if diesel as the stock one will need constant draining of water and filter replacements. Mine had constant ABS sensor issues which affects the electrics for the centre diff lock for some reason so it wouldn't disengage or engage when the sensors would have an issue. General issues with the centre diff lock not engaging or disengaging but most times turning the engine off and back on a gain would solve the issue. Tyre wear is pretty bad if you get any sort of after market suspension like ARB, expect a maximum of 40,000 klms from any mud tyre (I tried all the major brands). My V8 TD averaged between 16-18 ltrs/100 klms just driving mixed highway and suburban roads.

  8. Love it.Great review.Wish you the best.Jesus bless. Please read 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, 10:9-10, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9

  9. I agree with what you have Sid Marcus. I have had other brand SUVs that just did not do the job. Bought a Landcruiser 200 there is nothing to touch it.

  10. I think I would probably go with the Prado over this, this may have greater storage space? but the Prado just seems much more modern and up to date with its tech and looks, and value for money.

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