Touch ID – iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has an all new Touch ID and its SO much faster. Here is my comparison of it to the iPhone 6!
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45 thoughts on “Touch ID – iPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6

  1. 1:50 that’s why I like the old Touch ID I have to press the power button now to check the time 1st world problems lol

  2. I had the iPhone 6 and the touch ID 90% of the time never worked at all and I bought my iPhone 6 brand new from at&t a month after the iPhone 6 was released, now i have the iPhone 6s and the touch ID works flawlessly with no issues and it’s way faster than touch ID on my old iphone 6 when it wanted to work

  3. I am also having the same problem. My left thumb finger print never gets read and always messed up when setting up. BTW i am a left hander. Hoping any solution for the issue.

  4. I have the iPhone 6 and it's nearly instant, obviously the iPhone 6S is going to be faster but I think there is a problem with your 6. The 6 is slower because it is an older phone and the Touch ID along with the button has been used a lot. You ever heard of wear and tear???

  5. The fast Touch ID on the 6s plus makes me glad I bought one!! Even though I'm old school and prefer using a passcode on the lock screen. I do use Touch ID for some apps though. I really like to use it!!

  6. I have the iPhone 6s+ and the Touch ID is speedy as HELL. I think it's too fast on certain levels. When I tap the home button it automatically unlocks, when I don't want it to. I have to tap the home button with my nail so it doesn't unlock 😂 definitely speedy though.

  7. The trick is: don't press your finger on the homebutton Just let your finger Rest on the homebutton till he is scanned, VERY soft! That makes it a lot faster because it reads your finger while he is just made contact! My 6 is even as fast as your 6S with this trick, believe me!

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