This printer prints on ANYTHING!

Thanks to Besjet for sponsoring this video. Go to to learn more about their UV printers.
We’re visiting a factory that makes giant UV printers that can print on just about anything. We see how they’re made, and then they turn me loose on one to see what I can do. But I brought a surprise…

See behind the scenes at Strange Parts:

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Gear for this video:
Main camera:
Main lens:
Other camera:
Wireless microphones:
Audio Recorder:


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Escape – K Solis (Licensed through
Easy – Stanley Gurvich (Licensed through

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43 thoughts on “This printer prints on ANYTHING!

  1. If I had the disposable income (and mostly space) to just buy random expensive huge things, this printer would definitely be one of them. Awesome piece of equipment.
    You could print custom designs on keyboards, instruments, all kinds of stuff comes to mind. I like it a lot!

  2. You have some pretty interesting videos, I like this and I also enjoyed the metallic business cards, China is really awesome.

  3. Quite facinating just dont understand why ppl hate every video or dislike it. I bet even if god comes down to earth to make a youtube channel ppl will still dislike it lol

  4. About the manager shirt,maybe he is also helping in the factory and work like the other workers,and yes he has a new shirt,or maybe just changed the one he had before couse it was dirty,I don't see nothing bad,some products are well made and good quality and some are bad and poor quality but is everywhere in this world.

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