The Mother of All Epidemiological Studies Says This About Total Cholesterol…

Here is the graph:

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44 thoughts on “The Mother of All Epidemiological Studies Says This About Total Cholesterol…

  1. I'm the person Dr. Darren mentioned that will try to debunk this study. A few things:
    1) This is not a WHO study. This graph only uses mortality data from the WHO website according to the source listed on the right. If this is a study, it would be great to have a link to the full study then just the graph.
    2) This graph is not a compilation of epidemiological studies. It appears the creator of the graph looked at percent mortality due to different diseases in almost everyone country in the world and plotted that against what is likely the average cholesterol of men in that country.
    3) The all cause mortality source is from 2002 while the cholesterol source is from 2005. May not be significant but why not use data from the same year.
    4) The cholesterol values are for Men only so this graph doesn't apply to women.

    5) Dr. Darren is right in that this graph only suggests correlation between all-cause mortality and cholesterol. However, the correlation between the two is not strong. If you look at the r-values listed in the graph key in the upper right corner, the vast majority are pretty low.

  2. Hey, Dr. Darren…I appreciate your content. This graph appears very convincing at first glance, however, my biggest concern is that it appears to be predominantly skewed by the health outcomes of poorer African countries. In other words, if you were to graph a line that looked at relative poverty rates of each country, it would likely be very similar to that of the blue mortality line. I think a really interesting comparison would be one between Niger, Chad, or Burkina Faso (poverty rates of ~50% and w/ LOW cholesterol rates) and comparing it to something like Tunisia (poverty rate ~15%, but also w/ LOW cholesterol rates) with poverty being controlled for.

  3. Bam! Tysm. Here's Mag Bitter Truth, who's really getting paid for the fake news injoy

  4. My grandmother and uncle have naturally high cholesterol counts their entire lives and are among the healthiest most energetic long lived people I know. My uncle has very high testosterone and works on his irrigation company digging like a freakin machine….grandmother went back to college at 70, still rides a bike at almost 80…
    I came to my own conclusions about these numbers years ago by simply observing them

  5. Right on the money. I've been saying this for years. I can see what the allopathic wants to keep us sick. So keep giving out meds that put us at risk. Recently realizing trying to detox from mold and breathing issues. The medical community has it classified as asthma after testing positive for aspergillus. Any way the steroid inhalers are causing brittle bones. Why are people not upset by this?
    I just ran into my 4th person. Fell off back of pick up and broke her leg due to the disease. So, I'm being very cautious as I sure dont want to go through that.
    I would rather think of it as copd with I have an attack. Because there are non steroidal inhalers for copd but not asthma. Sounds crazy but trying to breath is no fun at this point. Just convinced my dr. That mold is a big problem. He thinks I'm complex…..

  6. as you read the books on cholesterol you read again and again that "cholesterol eaten and cholesterol in the blood are NOT correlated" Thats the mantra/slogan. But if low cholesterol leads to suicide, depression, infection, and increased mortality, then how do you raise your cholesterol??? (Assuming of course the mantra/slogan is correct) Of course cutting out sugar is a given.

  7. My total cholesterol has been around 195-210 mg/dL past couple of years. Male T1D. My GP recently recommended I take statins. According to this chart, I think I'm better off not going near them!

  8. Hi Doc, First, thanks for the videos. Also I have a link to a YouTube video guy selling a hormone reset diet Can you talk about hormones, older people 50, 60 and older on the Keto Diet? Also could you do a video on people who have side effects and issues with this diet? I feel tired and weak following the Keto diet and have found some info on this. With your knowledge can you please comment on these?


  9. Hey Doc. I'm a vegan, and I just ordered Dr. Longo's new book … the longevity diet. I might be interested in experimenting with keto, though, to see how I feel, and I remember you recommending a book on vegan keto. Do you recall what it was? Thanks.

  10. You are right in the fact that the body needs cholesterol, as it is a building block and an antioxidant that the body produces. On the other hand it is wrong that it is healthy to depend on cholesterol from the diet, as most dietary cholesterol is oxidized and therefore contributes to clogging up the arteries.

  11. This curve is meaningless, because if you take people from developed countries aged 90-102 yrs. Measure their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides. What you find is they either have cholesterol < 160 mg/dl with generally triglycerrides < 150mg/dl Or they have cholesterol between 160-200 mg/dl but have abnormally high HDL coupled with normal or lower blood pressure. There are many studies on French elderly and Okinawins.

  12. I am near zero carb meat eater. My cholesterol is 315. There are very few of us relative to the world population. Frankly, it means nothing to me. Most people have a pretty crappy diet.

  13. Doc,
    I trust Your opinion! I've benefited from your info. Years ago, emphasis wasn't put on cholesterol levels. About 10 yrs ago, everyone in my age group (mid 40's) ALL talked about Cholesterol! Statin drugs hit market……coinsidence??? One thing I've learned about parasites is your body will produce more cholesterol to protect itself. (Dr. Larry Wislson, Life Extension consultant).
    Latest Drug commercial:. Narrator:. You take your statins amd watch your diet but still have high cholesterol…… Then Fool, why U takin' that shit?
    In 2011 I was exposed unknowingly to a chemical & bio. Nightmare. Went to worthless MD's with bad fatigue. Said I had high cholesterol and wanted to put me on statins so I walked out!
    Discovered (from Chiro Kinesiologists) I had several infections, systemic parasites, hep A.. the body produces Cholesterol to protect itself! It's the material that repairs leeks in artiries, it may be what walls off toxins (Hulda Clark).

  14. Why is it that people that recommend keto always have other worldly stuff? Humans are not metal to metal bearings that need oil to stop friction and disperse heat. Our arteries work like plumbing and if you dump fat down the sink, it starts to plug up.


  16. Should I be concerned that after 6 months on strict carnivore diet my total cholesterol went from mid 100's to mid 700's? I've asked this question a dozen times on popular keto/carnivore channels talking about how cholesterol is irrelevant, but not one reply as to my crazy high score. I might add my motivation for going low carb was a CT score of 630.

    So here were my last lipid numbers pre and post carnivore diet. Numeric Order = Total lipids….Tri…..HDL….LDL

    04/03/18…. 156 70 63 79

    Post Carnivore
    12/13/18…. 770 160 87 651
    01/15/19…. 758 230 53 659
    02/20/19…. 648 103 95 532/291ApoB
    03/21/19…. 677 126 68 584

  17. Lol… he uses “total cholesterol” to show you should eat meat but forgets to mention it will also increase your LDL cholesterol which is the key marker to avoid heart attacks. Of course it would be better to have high HDL, but you are better off with low Total and LDL Cholesterol (even if it decreases your HDL a bit) than high Total and LDL Cholesterol

  18. Can anyone name one thing we even need from meat? Or even one thing we can get from meat that we dont produce or need to get from meat? People love to fit their "narrative" while talking about others narrative. Please list nutrients not adequate on a vegan diet.. oh wait you cant.

  19. my problem with this, is that it looks at mortality rates, since healthcare is much better in western countries, there's going to be less deaths from the same diseases

  20. Diamond et al have shown an inverse correlation between cholesterol and all cause mortality.Similarly, the study “Total cholesterol and all-cause mortality by sex and age: a prospective cohort study among 12.8 million adults” shows a distinct U shaped curve similar to the graph shown by Dr Schmidt.
    N=12.8 million is a BIG sample and the source data was very good. Personally, I am aiming for a TC of about 200 to 240.

  21. Hi doctor Schmidt my cholesterol was 354 and I've been on keto diet for 5 months my doctor said I need to get it down because I'm going to have a heart attack she gave me statins to take,I'm scared to take but I'm also scared of my cholesterol being so high,I'm thin so I can't afford to lose weight.I do work out and eat lots of meat.So what do I do to lower my cholesterol.

  22. These results may be skewed because having a heat attack, or any major injury, causes significantly lower than baseline cholesterol levels due to the effect of acute phase response.
    Additionally, do we humans have exceptionally high cholesterol compared to any other animal?

  23. These figures relate to 2002 and 2005, as you mentioned, and thus are relatively old on top of being part of a worthless epidemiological study.

  24. Dr. Darren Schmidt @2:30 did you imply that my life matters?!? Your delivery was so dry I almost spewed my coffee.

  25. In fairness, this could be a perfect example of reverse causation. That’s why these epies have no value as a defense or promotion.

  26. Regarding your other video, I was sore from working out, ate some liver and all of the soreness went away. Youre awesome!

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