Psyllium is the great fiber supplementation for the body. It’s the soluble fiber sourced from the husks of the psyllium (Plantago ovata) seed that makes this herb so special. This plant grows most predominantly in India as it is native to Asia, but it can be found worldwide, including growing wildly in the southwest U.S.

Clogged arteries result from the build-up of a substance called plaque in the arterial walls. It is also medically referred to as arterial plaque. This plaque can reduce blood flow or even block it altogether.
Clogged arteries increase your risk of developing other health complications like a heart attack or stroke.
Some of the most common risk factors for clogged arteries are:
High levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) or low levels of HDL (good cholesterol)
A high blood pressure
Smoking tobacco
Diabetes or elevated blood sugar levels
A family history of atherosclerosis or clogged arteries
A sedentary lifestyle

Most cases of clogged arteries do not exhibit any symptoms until a heart attack or blood clot presents itself. However, in cases where 70% or more of the arteries are blocked, you will notice the following symptoms.
Severe cases of clogged arteries may exhibit symptoms like:
Shortness of breath
Chest pain or angina
Palpitations of the heart

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  1. hello dr. mandell,this is gonna be the 1st time I will ask 🙂 can cholesterol increase even you're working out, or even doing basic exercises? I'd appreciate it if you answered:)

  2. Hi Dr. I have just been told I have type two diabetes and told to take Metaformina Milan 850, only half a day, I am taking psyllium powder, as you said, only once a day, one tablespoon with 8 oz of water for about a week. I am doing right. Please. Richard

  3. I have already been working with this amazing cholesterol procedure to aid lower my own negative cholesterol and also bring up my good cholesterol. I have used it for couple of months at this moment and also my cholesterol has enhanced. My vitality is improving and my positive mind is really much improved now. .

  4. i watched the vid, but im curious, i didnt notice that you actually said that it will clean already clogged arteries, or did i miss that……you pointed out buildup in the arteries, so does the psyllium go thru those arteries and pull away that plaque that is already there?

  5. It grows out of every crack in asphalt here in Ukraine, we use the leaf to stop bleeding. I didnt know the flower has a use too.

  6. Dear Dr Mandell , first of all I am really grateful to my Lord for letting me know about a great , caring and awesome doctor like you and finally I'd like to tell you : " God Bless You Man" for all those humanitarian steps you've made and the whole health advice you give us to make our lives healthier and more energetic . a warm thank you from the bottom of my heart from Iran .

  7. I’m over 65, 5’1 and 104lbs. I have a condition with my descending colon an have several food allergies. Phylum causes me to have severe constipation. Can you recommend an alternative?

  8. It's neither bad nor good cholesterol they are both good, just ldl- is villanized.
    The whole cholesterol situation is a fabricated lie. Your body produced +- 3g per day and is essential for your hormones as well as other substances.

    Further, it is low density lipo proteins and high density lipo proteins which changes the situation quite a bit.

    The sugar situation is where this psyllium husk perhaps I would focus on this one because of sugars binding wether mechanically or electro- chemically with the proteins and fats causing the fatty liver and end glycolization products.
    But if this is what it does in water externally, this still doesn't have proof for internally if it is even absorbed let alone will it trigger negative reactions or in some of us especially under different variables if health, air pollution, water pollution, and the toxicities and lack of nutrients in foods.

    Too many questions to jump on this one. I thought he was going to talk more about ginger, astragalus, golden seal, American ginseng, willow.
    A thickening agent just throws off my alarms as something more for through the gastro-intestinal to absorb, encapsulate, and carry out of the canal.
    But where is the current testing in humans to know if it enters the blood, how, under what conditions, and how does it react with other substances.
    Check out his accu-pressure ones. But I notice he is stealing from the Red Man like so many others refusing to credit them for the greatness that has been stolen from them and false-credited to India, Asia, Mexico, and others.
    Conversely:. Recall what Oppenheimer said about nuclear learning sandscript. Recall the book that was introduced about where the swastika was entered into Germany. Everyone steaks from the White, Red, and Bloody Colored Men but fails to see the groups playing against them playing both sides of the fence being a supposed victim when indeed they have a repeated history of infiltration and violence. You must include this and then see how passively they keep control for them while they destroy the land, block you from the true consciousness, and people like myself fighting to maintain proper life functions against a social order bent go destroy natural order and how to comprehend how to live within it. Natural order never forced you to subordinate to inferior situations and people who at the same time are too Goddamned lazy to lift a finger to do real work while there asshole people are infesting the land, consciousness, your space, and in your face with their condescending ways raping and robbing paid to be a worthless ass glorifying themselves. If you won't recognise the real people struggling under subsisting and real ways then you don't deserve anything good. Red and White Colored People were here and had lived together. Check out who was killing from the south and east of the current borders and stop blaming the Norse Men, North Pre-Americans, HyperBorean, And yes Polar People for fighting back against this worthless geneficked order.And stop being such cowards and open the door for them because this crazy cultured society will never come off the ass to anything other than steal from someone else, rape, murder, and disguise it with their lies while glorifying themselves. You want proof, how much land is destroyed every day for worthless social shit for foreigners alien to recognizing the people who were here before them, locking you into this failed system. Sorry for the rant on one side, on the other side ithas to be said because all of you refusing to come off the ass and blindly perpetuating the system social order jobs mindset is why we are in these problems in the first place. You can't come out of a social order problem without having the natural order as a basis, not just an option of a novelty to read in a book.

  9. Thank you again Alan. I was unaware of this herb. Appreciate that you share your knowledge for the benefit of others.

  10. I have been using it daily for about 35 years and it is just wonderful. Can‘t do long without it. One feels the difference.

  11. Dear Doctor
    My lipid profile is not OK. My blood sugar (fasting) is within limits. My two queries are 1. Where do i get this Psylium and what should i check for any side effects and/or any existing situation in my health/body which i may not be aware of.

    On a note, i take Atocor-F every night after dinner and also taking Udiliv 300 twice a day.

    Best regards

  12. What happens if you have low blood sugar and what if you don't have a gall bladder? Is this still safe to take?

  13. Thank uou so so much i was wondering how i can do that im on a low dosage of blood pressure pills 5 mg doc i should be ok

  14. Too many people using our oxygen… Should be encouraging the low skilled and uneducated to not to reproduce and eat a high saturated fat diet…

  15. This is great information. I didn’t know Psyllium Husk could be beneficial in so many areas. Thanks for sharing.

  16. This is great information. I didn’t know Psyllium Husk could be beneficial in so many areas. Thanks for sharing.

  17. My husband has high cholesterol and changing his diet hasn't help lower his bad cholesterol much so we desperately need to try this, is this a over the counter herb? Could we find this almost anywhere?

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