40 thoughts on “The Irishman – Spoiler-Free Review (But Scorsese Fans are Going to be Happy)

  1. Id give it a 7 or 8/10. Excellent movie. Not Scorceses best, but excellent overall. Wouldve been better if it was an hour shorter and used different angles or body doubles in some wide shots bc the actors bodies show their true age. It was very funny.

  2. And apart from finally getting to work with Al Pacino, Scorsese’s uses his buddy’s special effects company(although I accept George Lucas doesn’t own it any more).

  3. Joe Pesci has always been an introvert. It's why his speech was literally only "It's my privilege, thank you" when he won the Oscar for Goodfellas.

  4. i loved the godfather part 1 and 2 Casino a bronx tale scarface Donnie brasco Carilto's way i liked goodfellas but was not a big fan of that movie hope this is right up there with the godfather

  5. i heard the movie was amazing what gangster movie does this rank up with movies like the godfather the godfather part 2 Scarface Casino Goodfellas a bronx tale Donnie brasco Carlito's way once upon a time in america u think its better what movies does it match up with

  6. So exhilarated to hear the positives.. huge, huge deniro and especially pacino fan.. thanx for
    the smooth spoiler free review..

  7. Of course it’s not glamorous and sexy. Scorsese wants to make non union films to cut corners. (Just kidding love the Scors’s)

  8. Pacino has been doing HBO projects the last 10 or so years, and they were great, but it is also nice to see him doing an above average movie on the big screen again. I'm glad The Irishman has been received well and I can't wait to see it.

  9. Great review from a true fan that appreciates that magic. Thank you, Mr. Hancock. I, too, was filled with jubilee when I saw De Niro and Pacino play nemeses in Heat (1995). That coffee scene is just simply magnificent.

  10. I am not that excited about this film and I should be. I think that all the chatter about it has made me not anticipate it as much. People will complain about the 3 1/2 hour run time for sure. If a movie is over 2 hours people complain(unless it is a superhero movie). I want to see it in the theater anyhow. Don't care to watch something like this on Netflix.

  11. Thanks, I’m excited to see the Irishmen. Maybe a review of your top 5 films you seen in the last 10 years. My 5th is Mad Max: Fury Road-Black & Chrome ✌️

  12. You've got such a good sense of quality film that i'm literally squeeling with excitement about seeing this when it opens in my town. Great review James.

  13. I’ll have to check this out when it comes out on Netflix @GeekinWithJamesHancock I need to check out The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver the two movies I haven’t seen and I will have to rewatch Batman 1989. To be honest I’ve never really seen many of Scorsese’s films. I’ve heard a lot of them are really great and I really enjoy crime thrillers and for some reason I’ve never seen any of his movies. After I watch The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver if you have any good suggestions to track down from there to continue my Martin Scorsese film journey let me know.

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