The Easiest Way to Import Icons into Powerpoint (Office 365 Update)


Hello ladies and gents,

This video is going to be fairly short and to the point. It covers an update that Microsoft released that can now get you to import editable icons into your Powerpoint slides EASILY, and FOR FREE!

As this is an update video, I will be going over the following :

1 – What this Icons tab is all about in Powerpoint.
2 – Where your icons are located on your Powerpoint ribbon.
3 – What to do if you do not see it (spoiler: it comes down to Powerpoint version or whether or not your Powerpoint is using the latest build)
4 – What exactly happens with the Icons function on Powerpoint.
5 – A unique key feature that is available for your icons that isn’t enabled for other icons brought into your Powerpoint slide
6 – Any other tips

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**Link on How to Update your Powerpoint**


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19 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Import Icons into Powerpoint (Office 365 Update)

  1. i have Microsoft Office 2019 at home with all icons available, and at my company we use Office 2016 without icons available. There is no Update option for the 2016 version at work (maybe restricted by the company), so I tried download all the icons at home, then send them over to my company email , then download them at work for use. Nevertheless, once downloaded, all icons were converted to pictures…which have much less options to edit… Do you have any idea how can I use the icons at work, before asking the company? Many thanks!!

  2. My own office there is no any provision for update what can i do because i need those icons seriously for my presentation

  3. Can't see it on the Mac. I have the latest version 15.35. Wonder why such important features are left out on the Mac!!

  4. Icons are only available in the latest release for office 365 pro users who are on the current channel (provide users with the newest features of Office as soon as they're available.). My organization do not let me use it. I am on deferred channel. So will get this feature only in month of May (next update for deferred channel). I am trying to find out a way to switch to current channel. Will post if I am able to move to it.

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