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Denzel Curry just dropped his fourth studio album, ‘ZUU.’ The album was preceded by the pre-release singles “RICKY” and “SPEEDBOAT”. This is his second album since last year’s ‘TA13OO,’ so Genius decided to reach out to the community to compile Denzel’s best verses on ‘ZUU.’

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Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Tia Hill, Producer
Jer Paulin, Shooter/Editor
Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer

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46 thoughts on “The Best Lyrics From Denzel Curry’s ‘ZUU’ Album | Genius News

  1. My city full of palm trees and bad bitches
    You see? If your dawg green, its bad business
    You see? If it's all greed, they all switching
    We lost, and by all means, we all missing

  2. I’m into different structure but there is definitely something about him, but I haven’t god “ooohh” yet, not hating just keeping it moving

  3. they just making money off him at this point. exact same video that was already uploaded with pointless third party commentary. cmon genius

  4. The american government DEA CIA FBI USMS NSA working with el chapo and Colombian cartels Boycott this rogue illegitimate barbaric state

  5. So this might have been a paid-for video aimed at the album's promotion, but I don't care- Denzel deserves all the respect in the world- he's one of the most unique voices in hip-hop today, and is always trying to come up with something innovative. Thanks for the heads-up about the album.

    -Love and respect from India.

  6. Ya mama ain't shit, ya daddy ain't shit/I been makin waves way before Nostalgic/That was back in Carol City yea, when I was just a jit/With the all black faded dicky with the Raider fit/That was it we was lit, y'all wasn't even shit yet/We was Three 6, Wu Tang mixed with Dipset

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