Thai Street Food in Bangkok – The Food Stalls at Pratunam

Bangkok’s street food culture is a tourist attraction in and of itself. There are so many options it can be impossible to decide what to choose from and where.
Thai Street Food in Bangkok – The Food Stalls at Pratunam

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15 thoughts on “Thai Street Food in Bangkok – The Food Stalls at Pratunam

  1. The lady at the 1st stall said "Hellooo, cutie. So weet you come to camera me." OMG curious if you understand what she just said haha.

  2. 台灣做菜的風格 很多都是 燙過 再拌 ..不會 過老 ..做過多 可以 不扮 ..
    放到隔天 做簡餐
    泰國的菜 跟 雲南 緬甸 四川 很像

  3. The guys @ 4:54 very adorable! & the knife skills @ 5:23 — I would cut every one of my fingers off! 😆! Great video, Martin! I hope you are doing well & off that liquid diet so you were able to eat something from 1 of the food stands! 😋😀❤🇺🇸

  4. Another food market that you made me want to visit. My next Thailand trip is in Januari, must have patience…

  5. Some delicious food there and so cheap compared to here in england. I would be permanently hungry filming in these centres. Pad Thai is my favourite . Many thanks for another good video.

  6. Sorry Martin, I cannot watch this video at 10p.m in Sydney…..I will be dreaming of food all night, haha !
    Thank you.

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