44 thoughts on “Tennis World Tour – ROLAND GARROS EDITION – Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer

  1. The chair umpires at the French Open don't speak English, the sound of the racquets hitting ball sounds like a shotgun, and as much as I love Johnny Mac, having him solo as a commentator is really off.

  2. & bro DAVE: the only only credit this game will ever ever ever get from me, and I'm sorry y'all but this game make you think about shot selection a lil better but the animation sucks 🍋 . . Top Spin should quit playing and hook us uP! Please Top Spin . . HELP😱

  3. It’s an absolute insult to the whole tennis community to com out with an shitty arcade game like this shit in 2019, my god.

  4. We should set up a go fund me for a great tennis game. These companies are embarrassing the game of tennis. We’ve had these great legends and don’t have a single good game in a decade.

  5. The lack os respecto for the work of dozens of people for a few years is just outstanding. What have you done for the World? It is fine to be critical and give feedback, but to be this disrespectful to people that haven been putting their time, effort and money. I just don't get what internet have become. A bunch babies with no respect, moral or ethics.

  6. Best Tennis Game in my humble opinion was Nintendo Wii Grand Slam Tennis.. whilst they looked a bit cartoonish… you had grunts and better movement, and control of your shot selection, you can play topspin, flat drop shots…

  7. The commentary sucks, The crowd applauses The point after 3 seconds and the graphic is….

    And cant the referee learn The players name. "Advantage….."

  8. Glad I haven't wasted money on this, seriously what has happened to tennis games this gen? SEGA Superstars Tennis plays a better game of tennis than this trash.

  9. I was expecting so much from this game, too much for sure… It's not even on par with Top Spin, and crushed by the sequels.
    Thanks for the video though, as painful it is to watch !
    Let's hope a for a new license / game in a near future.

  10. Basically what they've done is added a couple of characters and some courts called it the Roland Garros edition and resold it as a completely new game when its actually the exact same game no improvements on actuall gameplay, sound, animations or visuals what so ever. They're good a marketing I'll give em that but that's literally all they've got that shit dont work twice 😂 hope this company goes down the shitter after what they've done unless the gameplay becomes drastically better in the next patch which I highly doubt. Shame really been wanting a decent tennis game

  11. So, THIS is the "complete edition" of the game?? Two courts and two players dlc. LOL! The sad thing is, i'm not even suprised..

  12. Back to ps2.
    But we agreed to that.
    If tomorrow, we all threaten the devs by stop buying their shit, I think we could force them to do better.

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