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Inserting the Quick-set Infusion Set with the MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump

Watch this video for instructions on inserting the MiniMed Quickset infusion set using the MiniMed 670G insulin pump. In this video, you will learn how to remove your previous infusion set and reservoir, fill a new reservoir, fill the infusion set tubing, and insert the infusion set. You will also learn how to perform the button pushing steps to set up the reservoir and rewind your MiniMed 670G insulin pump.

More information on insulin pump therapy can be found at Consult with your healthcare professional before inserting the infusion set for the first time.

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Insulin Causes Heart Disease, What is Insulin Resistance?

What is Insulin Resistance? Why should you be more concerned about Insulin Resistance than Cholesterol? These are both questions I answer in this video. I provide evidence to why Insulin resistance is directly related to Heart Disease for you to better understand why Insulin Causes Heart Disease and not so much Cholesterol.

Insulin Resistance is most commonly related to Metabolic Syndrome. To learn more about Metabolic Syndrome watch this:

This is a clip from a Live Recording. To watch the full video and learn more about the Cholesterol side of things click here:

Thanks for tuning into my channel.

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The most common questions I get …

1) “Doc, what BLOOD METER do you recommend?”


For years my diabetics told me this system was great. I tried several others before I bought this one. I can’t count the number of times I have tested my blood only to get an ERROR message from the strip. Grrr. I hate that. FORACARE gets my vote because it is accurate and takes only ONE test strip to get the results. YES!!

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2) “Doc, which Ketones-In-A-Can (aka exogenous ketones, BHB) do you recommend?”

I don’t recommend these in everyone. I have times this is a great solution for my patients that are very overweight and trying to get used to burning ketones for fuel. All keto supplements should have magnesium in them. This one does.
I own the Dr Boz brand and the Dr Boz supplements.

3) “Doc, what can I have while fasting?”

Salt and water is the best.
The next best is a fasting tea. My favorite Pique Teas (also recommended by Jason Fung, MD):
Black coffee is okay during a fast.
Bone broth is alright.


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Insulin Resistance Test (Best Test for IR & Stubborn Weight Loss) Homa-IR

Insulin Resistance Test (Best Test for IR & Stubborn Weight Loss) Homa-IR. Insulin resistance is linked to the majority of modern diseases: obesity, diabetes, …

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Caravan of Americans battling diabetes heads to Canada for affordable insulin

The high price of insulin across the country is forcing some families with type 1 diabetes to go north to buy the medication. From 2012 to 2016, the price of insulin nearly doubled in the U.S. – and last weekend, about a dozen people took a bus 817 miles from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to London, Ontario, to buy the life-saving drug. Mireya Villarreal reports.

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Diabetes | Insulin Types & Memory Tricks (Peak, Onset, & Duration)

What is Insulin, and what does the NCLEX want RN and LPN students to know about insulin types & insulin peak, onset and duration? For NCLEX Cheat Sheets …

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Bernie Sanders travels to Canada with ‘insulin caravan’

An “insulin caravan” rolled through the border city of Windsor, Ont, carrying about 15 people with Type 1 diabetes. In the U.S., the cost of a vial of insulin is about $450. In Canada, the same vial will average about $30.

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r/EntitledParents | GIVE MY CHILD YOUR INSULIN! | Reddit Stories

r/EntitledParents | GIVE MY CHILD YOUR INSULIN! | Reddit Stories Today in our Reddit Stories we have a wild Entitled Parent who mistakes an insulin pen for a real one.

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Intro: Joakim Karud – Loudness Clarity

During the video: Lakey Inspired

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How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance?

How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance? A lot of people want to lower their insulin resistance fast especially if they were just diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes. High insulin levels are not hard to reverse once you understand why they are high.

How Long Does It Take To Reverse Insulin Resistance? That depends on how we define Insulin resistance. Do we look only at blood glucose and A1c, or do we also consider fasting insulin and HOMA-IR?

Based on the official definition of type 2 diabetes – high blood sugar or A1c – diabetes could be reversed in weeks or months, but there would be a strong tendency for the body to go back. If we base it on actual cellular insulin resistance and how long it takes to regenerate tissues and re-establish homeostasis in the body, we could be talking years to really reverse insulin resistance.

In this video we will help you understand the different stages of insulin resistance and the underlying mechanisms that you are actually trying to reverse for lasting improvement. Learn how to reverse insulin resistance and diabetes naturally and to keep learning and continuing the journey to not only be free of symptoms and disease, but to achieve optimal health and have wellness for life..



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