31 thoughts on “Suge – Dababy: Rap Critic Reviews

  1. Haven’t watched you in quite a long time, RC. I’ve taken a long break to sort out my political beliefs, but I’m back with an open mind. Love what your doing, keep it up.

  2. Petey Pablo, Cole, DaBaby. What? No mention of Rapsody??? Anyway, yeah, this song is fun and the video is one of the best visuals I've seen lately.

  3. goddamn im so happy another nc rapper came out AND he is hella funny. i love his busta rhymes-like music videos. he got mad potential

  4. I still don’t get how people exclude rhapsody when they say shit like,”Other than Cole, Da Baby is the only one out of North Carolina that’s doin it major”… Rhapsody held her own on Kendrick’s “Complexion” and features wit Nas. Not to mention she killed one of 9th wonders tracks he made on rhythm roulette

  5. This is the rap critic I know and love being genuinely funny without being too politically involved. Keep it up man big fan over here!!

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