Stop High Cholesterol Levels With This Secret Food

Here’s how you can stop high cholesterol levels. If you have high cholesterol issues, I have a solution for you here.

You can reduce cholesterol using several methods. Using diet to reduce cholesterol is a perfect way to accomplish that goal. You should be eating a diet to reduce cholesterol naturally. Not only that you should adopt a diet that will reduce both high bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Doing this will ensure you avoid cholesterol reducing pills.

You want to reduce bad cholesterol fast. Use the secret food I have shown in this video to control your cholesterol. You want to control your cholesterol and keep it in check. Learn how to control your cholesterol using a simple method that’s equally tasty.

Enjoy the video!

Links to studies mentioned in the video:

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23 thoughts on “Stop High Cholesterol Levels With This Secret Food

  1. Dr. Joe, what if you cannot access fresh strawberries, would the frozen ones do? As you know this fruit is seasonal so not easily accessible all year but there are frozen ones (which I make smoothies with) which I can obtain from the supermarkets to make fruit smoothies and I also add flax and chia to my drinks. I just love strawberries and any berries which are available.

  2. Thanks once again for another great informative video. My question to you is what about people who cannot eat strawberries, in particularly people who has diverticulosis.

  3. Thank you Dr. Joe! My LDL is 15 over but I don't want it to get worse! I'm going to go get me some strawberries!

  4. Good morning Doc thank you for the help but. I am asking you i don't eat fatty food stop eating certain foods and then i was shocked that the doctor told me that my collateral was high what is the reason for that Please 🙏

  5. Good day, Dr Joe plssssssss i will like u to help me with some information i have blood sugar problem and I have lose weight how can i add weight, don like d way am looking plssssssss, help me with some informations, Wat kind of foods.

  6. Hello Dr Joe thanks a lot for the good work helping us with our health. We dont have strawberries here we gave to import and it is very expensive to buy. Cant you tell us of some other foods that can do the same powerful work as the strawberries where cholesterol is concerned. Thanks a lot. May God bless you.

  7. DR.Joe hello thanks for your Finding and help for us ALL in JESUS CHRIST NAME….the Good book The Holy Bible tells us in Genises that the herb is the Healing of the Nation…..Thanks again very much, question can I add blueberries raspberries blackberries and strawberries together as Smoothies

  8. Thanks Dr. Joe.
    Are there any studies that compare different types of berries, for example, how much pectin is there in blueberries?
    I eat these on regular basis.
    BTW, to consume 500g of strawberries in a day is a lot, even if you divide it into three portions, nothing to speak of the cost of the same.

  9. I've read that most of the pectin in fruits such as lemons, oranges and apples is found in the peel or the rinds. Most of the Vitamin C as well!!😎

  10. Thank Dr Joe, how ever I am not able to eat strawberry’s or any kind of berries due to diverticulitis. I am missing out on all the good things.

  11. Doctor Joe – What foods cause a person to lose belly fat; quickly?

    ( I am having trouble losing the last 6 pounds of belly fat. I have reduced my consumption of processed sugar down to 19 grams per day. I don't use table salt on anything & it isn't cooked with. I don't drink whole milk anymore – I use organic (no sugar) Almond milk in my 1 cup of coffee that I have per day. I also drink 1 cup of black tea per day w/ no sugar and no milk in it, too. I weight-lift for an hour & 15 minutes , 5 days per week, without fail. I just turned 61 years old & have never been in hospital. Also, I don't drink and I don't smoke either.; plus I cut out drinking any soda. I get 8 hours of sleep Sundays thru Fridays nights; and 7 hours of Sleep on Saturday Nights. [I usually get to bed at the same time every night]. I drink about / almost a gallon of bottled water per day – too). I eat 95% organic fruits and veggies; w/ my meat consumption to Chicken, Fish, Roast Beef, and sometimes a steak. I do eat 2 hard boiled eggs per day, as well. I don't eat anymore, any hotdogs, hamburgers, deli meats. Plus I've cut out eating any pizza, ( till I lose this last bit of belly fat.)

    * So what am I still doing wrong, Doctor Joe? I just can't seem to get rid of these last 5 – 6 ponds of belly fat !! Oh yeah; and I'm male, BTW, Doc. What else can I do and or eat to help me lose the last of this belly Fat? Is there perhaps a food combination that I could do to super increase the fat loss? Its driving me nuts Doctor Joe, trying figure this out !!!


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