Sky high cholesterol on Keto/ Carnivore! Should you take a statin? A conversation with Dr. Nadir Ali

Dr. Nadir Ali is an interventional cardiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is also the chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. Before working as a cardiologist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine for eight years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he also received his medical training.

Dr. Ali has championed many aspects of the science and practice of a low-carb lifestyle in the local Clear Lake area since 2013. He organises a monthly nutritional seminar in the Searcy Auditorium of the Clear Lake Hospital that receives more than 100 visitors every month from the local community. Dr Ali’s focus is on managing heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. He is also a super nice guy and a pleasure to hang out with.

*0:38: Dr. Nadir Ali Introduction*
6:17 Dr. Ali, cardiologist
9:20: From Veganism to Low carb
16:08 What Dr. Ali tells his patients to eat.
18:35 LDL cholesterol levels on a low carb animal based diet
20:45 Why does LDL go up on a keto/carnivore diet?
26:32 Fasting’s effect on LDL
33:25 Should we be worried about high LDL?
43:26 Malcolm Kendrick and his work on cholesterol
45:41 Fourier trial
50:46 Dr. Ken Berry, “lies my doctor told me”
55:46 All cause mortality goes down in those with high LDL
58:20 More Trials
60:33 The Statin Trials
68:39 Non-statin LDL lowering drugs
71:36 The side effects of Statins.
76:45 Incidence of myopathy
82:11 Summary of the Podcast
84:08 Dr. Ali’s take homes

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36 thoughts on “Sky high cholesterol on Keto/ Carnivore! Should you take a statin? A conversation with Dr. Nadir Ali

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  3. Dr. Please reconsider your use of revenue generating ads during the course of this podcast. If it is a matter of money, please let me know. I'm happy to contribute for your medical expertise.

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  5. I just started carnivore a few days ago, but I have been OMAD for 16 months. I just got blood work done from my Dr.

    I was immediately prescribed a statin and called that day to pick it up. The Dr. didn't even want to have a conversation with me. I was left a voicemail.

    I'm only 32, and my labs were as follows:

    HDL: 56 mg/dL
    LDL: 180 mg/dL
    VLDL: 12 mg/dL
    Trig: 58 mg/dL

    As you can see, only my LDL was high. Everything else was in the normal range.

    I never picked up that statin, it can stay at my pharmacy.

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  8. Carno here, and for YEARS our bloodwork always comes up stellar, then we both get the message that our cholesterol is high and the nurse calls us and gives the perfunctory message I guess, that the doc is supposed to recommend we go on a statin. We refuse and never follow up with that. Our doc does not hassle us, he is on his own journey with nutrition. Each year it seems to get a little higher, but we like to think we know better. Been turning them down statins for several years. ( we take no other px's )

  9. Hey Paul i just subscribed to your channel. I really wanted to let you know a little bit about me. B4 I started Kato my colecterol was always high bcuz of my bad eating habits. I been fasting and following the kato diet. I had lost 22 pounds in 4 months. Now my colecterol is 298 total higher than b4. The Dr prescripve sybastatin 10mg. I used to take it b4 I started the kato diet and I stopped when I started the kato diet. Also the Dr told me that my colecterol maybe comes from genetic (family history) and that also my body may be producing extra colecterol then others people and that is the reason I need to be the medication.

    I am very confused at this point and don't know if I should start with sybastatin again bcuz the Dr also said that if it come from family background the colecterol will not go down no mattet what i do so I need to take the med.
    At this point I don't know what to do! Please help!!
    God bless

  10. Wow this is a amazing interview. if you look at the amount of money billions of dollars drug companies spend on commercials and the amounts that are given as gifts to doctors. I believe this should be a punishable crime give a gift to a judge or a police officer and that's a crime why it does not apply here in this situation amazes me go figure.

  11. Just goes to prove how smart the human body really is without being overloaded with toxins that overwhelm the liver.

  12. An important component too about statin use is patient psychology. Once I started the statin, I started eating whatever I liked. No longer was I NEARLY as diet conscious but threw caution to the wind. So the statin dose went up as my cholesterol went up due to false confidence and basically statin abuse if you will. This too happens with Type 2 diabetics. They take the medication then head straight to the store for even more ice cream. 🥴

  13. I had an NHS 'well-man' health check recently. I was told by the nurse that I was one of the healthiest people she had seen in years (good weight, good blood pressure, no smoking, little alcohol, some exercise. I told her I have good Hba1C and low hs-CRP). She hadn't got my cholesterol back yet! As soon as the practice got my cholesterol back they hit the roof! 3, yes three GPs called me in the space of a fortnight to tell me I had the highest cholesterol they'd seen (and looking through my records I've had high cholesterol for some years they say) and I had to go on statins. I asked them about the ratios (HDL/Trig) and they weren't interested that it was good (irrelevant- they said, along with all other markers). LDL will kill me!
    Having agreed that I have had high LDL for quite some time and that they say LDL causes atherosclerosis I posited that I should have atherosclerotic plaques showing up on a CAC. They said they wouldn't pay for a CAC so I said I'd get one myself….

    Just got the results yesterday- ZERO.
    So, if high LDL over time causes atherosclerosis, why don't I have it if I've had high LDL for ages? I will make an appt to see if they can explain!

  14. Didnt even watch this video because the topic is pointless. NO, you SHOULDNT take statins, they WILL cause metabolic disorders down the line. Even Bart Kay says that a vegan diet (or just adding more plants in to meet calories) is preferable to taking statins….

  15. Doctors dont care about their patients anymore. They only care about there money to pay off their fancy house and student loans! We paying their house and student loans when going to them.

  16. Thank you for this podcast. I recently retired and went on intermittent fasting and exercise daily 1-2 hours (aerobic and weights). I lost 12 lbs. my ldl peaked. Good to know why. I am feeling great, cooking healthy, reducing carbs and no sugar. I had problems with statins earlier in life and stopped using them (muscle cramping). Worry now that my md will insist I go back on them.

  17. So in layman's terms where is Dr. Nadir Ali deferring from Dave Feldman's views? I'm what Dave would identify as a lean mass hyper responder.

  18. Thank you Paul and Dr Ali really amazing podcast, just brilliant – wonderful audio too . Love the work you both do been following you both a long time – I know you have/will change peoples lives. If you ever come to Leeds in UK I can arrange it for doctors / scientists /,cardiologist to come and listen to you as you just explain it so well (way better than I can) . I did a molecular cardiology post doc 10yrs ago and I’m sure even the group I worked in don’t know this. You would destroy any hecklers.

  19. Great talk, but not a fan on the critique of Dave. A bit arrogant IMO to say that someone is wrong, when one's own hypothesis is still just a hypothesis. No one knows who is right until we have repeated randomized clinical trials.

  20. Can you do a deep dive into potassium?.This all seems confusing and, as the article says, “tricky”.

  21. Fantastic interview. The part where Dr. Nadir goes through the history of statin trial as well some of the information on LDLs role and the real reason why low carbers have higher LDL were all new to me. I've shared this video on social media, but not everyone has the 1.5 hours to listen to this. I would really appreciate it if anyone could recommend some good concise articles that cover these topics.

  22. I wonder why a Dr would reference something/someone other than scientific literature? I would rather hear references from randomize trials rather than a lay-person. Would give a lot more credibility.

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