Should You Buy a Used AUDI Q3? (TEST DRIVE & REVIEW)

I always thought the Audi Q3 was just another dreary small-crossover-SUV. Was I wrong all along?

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36 thoughts on “Should You Buy a Used AUDI Q3? (TEST DRIVE & REVIEW)

  1. I’m hurt and deeply offended 😱 I love the SUV market and nice to see you have come around at the end of your video. 😉 (that was tongue in cheek)

    One of our cars is a Mini Countryman Cooper SE. If not driven one. Try it. Pop it in sport mode. Turn off traction control and take it to the nearest “play area” the acceleration is blistering … more than the claimed 0-60 5.9 seconds (just warm the battery up first to get maximum effect)

    It’s quirky. Not very mini and you can get three adults in the back.

    Another car in our family is awful another 2018 car Toyota CHR yuk. Vom. Can’t wait until the lease is up. Slow. Noisy. Useless range. But comfy and a boot my dog gets hunchback in.

    Love the videos mate. Keep em coming. 🤓

  2. Thanks for the review, the quattro version would be pretty useful for us living in the northeast of america! Dont forget about us.. there are probably at least dozens of us watching your videos. Dozens!

  3. Interestingly for a VAG product in an Australian road test the Tiguan failed a 'flex' so assume Q3 has same problem. During test driver's door frame distorted slightly proving apparently weak frame,,,tangent but interesting…

  4. The 35 dislikes will be the barrat house dwellers who have one, I needed something 3 years ago to hack up and down mway on weekly basis, looked at these and others as being slightly Large I don’t like rolling out of low slung saloons, actually ended up with a yeti. I’ve still got it 100k later super reliable comfy and economical, oh and I live on a farm and it’s not the pointless 4×4 one so only 110 but goes ok, and I’ve never got stuck, it was 5k cheaper than a similar age and mileage q3 at the time (ex-lease) but with elegance spec got all the kit. So don’t judge us all, for some it’s just because….

  5. Fantastic, you had me in tears, laughing at "the auto's an option if you've only got 1 leg" brilliant, I've had a few dsg boxes since I lost my leg 15 years ago, so spot on, thanks!!

  6. I'm glad I've found a channel that reviews second hand cars ! I for one can't afford to buy brand new so keep up the good work 👍.
    And yes I have subscribed!

  7. Try not to sit on the fence so much…speak your mind…erm actually you do and it's funny…well perhaps not quite so funny to " Mr & Mrs Average " who have just discovered the major drawback of PCP… seemed a very sensible choice at the time, particularly in that accountant metallic grey with the contrasting black interior….uff…..🤣🤣🤣🤣….start / stop….soooo…ten years old and on the way to its 15th starter motor….🤔

  8. I laughed so hard at Nissan Qashqai. Great review. I really have a strong dislike of crossovers and SUVs. Apart from a proper Range Rover. That could complement my daily driver, a S-type. It’s like car manufacturers don’t dare to step out and make something extraordinary. Just bland. Great review once again. Actually one of the best becau it makes you think over what I really want in a car. For me it’s the style and flair of the Jag. I’ve had sensible cars. But my current is the most sensible still. Because everytime I park it I take 10 seconds and just admire the styling. Q3 will never ever do that.

  9. Zero image due to the type who buy it, would much prefer to buy a Range Rover, which just feels so much better and image wise, it’s way ahead

  10. So the car is OK, engine is OK, drive is OK etc etc. These are predominantly bought by ppl who are quite unsure of what they are buying, just want a badge. For me, this typifies the whole Audi design theme these days, lazy, safe and uninspiring. However, cant fault Audi quality overall

  11. Another very fair review. The only problem I really have with the Q3 is I think they've been very lazy with the design. They've taken a standard hatchback design and put it on stilts. For me that tends to apply to most of the German SUV designs

  12. Dad has a Q3 2013. 177hp stronic quattro. No major issues. 4wd is great when towing the caravan and the boat and in very deep snow. Fueleconomy is good. Good soundsystem(its not the bose).
    What I dont like about it. Im a tall person, I sit too high and steeringwheel does not reach far enough. From 2nd to 3rd gear it holds 2nd too long and sometimes hesitates in low speed. No steeringfeel and its too light. Too small inside if you need to move alot of stuff. Too expensive (typical audi) . Quite bad spec because litterally everything is extra, wish it had leather, electric seats, folded mirrors and sunroof.

  13. Dude sounds like his wife left him, kept the house and he only gets to see his kids every other weekend. Still, a great review haha

  14. Love it! Barrett homes, Waitrose, Starbucks! Brilliant.
    I've got an S-Cross (and an old TT, just to redeem myself) which has full leather, heated seats and power mirrors and – I agree they're a bit 'mundane' but it is so easy to drive daily.

  15. Nice review! I have a 1997 2.6 6 cil petrol Audi A4. It has done 478.000 km. up till now and I hope it will last another 2 years. Plan for the future: one time buying with the heart instead of the brain: buying a second hand Range Rover Vogue, which is my dream car. Keep up the good work! A new subscriber from Holland.

  16. I have an auto however I do have full use of my limb's I'm just lazy and can't be bothered changing gears 😂😂👍 great video as usual

  17. Love your videos. One question/request….If it possible. When you are informing of fuel usage…can you please also give us in liters? How many liters per 100km…sorry. I am in Australia. Thank you 🙂

  18. Boring You Are Correct, The only thing is they go like hell but corner like crap and cheap front wheel drive, I am not impressed at all, they are for the anybodies club…….

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