Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 Runner-Up Speech

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24 thoughts on “Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 Runner-Up Speech

  1. I am still not over this final. I still can't believe what happened. Federer deserved those match points more than any other player in the draw. I fear that what we witnessed three months ago was Federer's last ever slam opportunity.

  2. One of the best moments.. He really admired jokovic that day….jokovic was just brilliant..
    I think roger is just beyond human rt here

  3. I'm not a Federer fan. I was supporting Novak but I felt for him this lose was difficult Not because he got so close… It because he had earlier lost 2 Wimbledon finals 14,15 ….that too against Djokovic

  4. People, he lost cause he is 38, not because Djokovic is beating him for last 6-7 years !! He is 38 !!!! Don't forget, 38 , but if he won ,no one would mention 38 !

  5. He is a act beyond act God broke the mould when he made this great humble talented exceptional tennis player a human being a great husband son father and a person who is loved by millions all over the world win or lose he is Roger

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