22 thoughts on “Proshow Producer 4 Tutorial "Putting Caption"

  1. thank you for this video tutorial it helps me to get through to my video presentation project. and it came out the way how i imagine it….

  2. I'm trying to ad  a video clip that I downloaded from you tube as a introduction to my  slide show, how I can make it work with proshow or how is the procedure to convert it and make it work with proshow producer.?
    Can you help me please..

  3. ahh.. @ Noel Gaon… okey there is another tutorial for that b.coz u need to dig-in in proshow to make it happen. assigning of caption lang yan kung baga kilan sya mag aapear in that spicific duration of seconds.

  4. Miss tutor, is it possible to add subtitles. Meaning let say the whole slide is about 25 seconds in Tagalog, how do I make an English subtitle. And of course just like a subtitle, it only appears when it is being said.

  5. hi how to do caption in "chinese: what fonts to use for chinese 华文. I have try keying in chinese and unable to display out the chinese word it appear as ????? . Can you help me on this. Thank you.

  6. @chrishamel200302 meron akong bagong tutorial na ang title ay Proshow Producer 4.5 "Putting Music" it helps you in putting music to your slide..

  7. kindly post it very soon because i want to make an avp for our wedding to surprise my becoming wife this coming dec 17 2011 pls pls pls

  8. nice video kung pano gamitin ang proshow producer s mga starter like me nangangapa p kc ako eh this help me a lot thanks sna gwa k p dmi tutorial s pro show producer 4.5 ang hirap kc ng adobe d ko magamit eto ung version n medyo kya ko sna gwa k p ng iba lalo n sa maramihang pictures and how to slow it down and make still at the end b4 d nxt slide pic thank u very much mam for having this kind of video tutorial see ur nxt tutorial GOD bless

  9. @deangoldwin You can look over the net.. proshow pack… nag lisod pud kog pangita galing… heheheh good luck im sure makita na na nimo karun panahona kay sikat naman na nga app.

  10. tnk you.. i learned so much.. it was simple yet it was processed tutorial.. two thumbs up for you.. just want to ask.. what tool did you use to record the tutorial?

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