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  1. Hi, you may just need to uninstall/reinstall the software to get a clean installation, then try the output again. If that doesn't work, we'll need to take a closer look at what's going on with a tech rep. We have reps standing by 7-days a week to help with any questions/ issues you may have about ProShow. photodex[dot]com /contact

  2. hi i am l using 4.1 producer and i am having trouble with the output. When i select dvd , no issues. Tried using the video Hd output at 1280×720 or 720p whichever you want to call it. I had no menus, but i am using some motion backgrounds i got from the net, i downloaded them in mov files and had issues with the output playing. downloaded again in wmv, and its fine. But when trying to burn in HD will not play on the 2 or 3 blu ray players i have tried on, yet plays fine on PS3. cont next page

  3. @ahkong26 Hello. This banner only appears when using an unregistered version of ProShow. As you suspected, once you purchase ProShow and enter a registration key the banner will disappear, even on shows created using the evaluation version.

  4. @StopTheTesting These are done using Producer's built-in text effects. You can find these in Slide Options. For more specific instructions contact our support group. They are available seven days a week from 8am to 8pm CST. Call 1-800-377-4686 or write support(at)photodex(dot)com.

  5. This was done using a combination of multiple layers, keyframes, and motion effects.

    For more information on these features please see our website for support and training options.

  6. The shattered glass effect was accomplished using a video as a mask.

    For more information on adjustment layers, please see our website for your support and training options.

  7. Sorry for the late response! ProShow can only be bought from Photodex directly via our website. But yes, we do ship to Australia, or you can purchase a download-only version.

  8. I agree fantastic job from the media department choosing this track. It has really pulled me in. Im gonna buy this softward today. Great job yall 🙂

  9. We're glad to hear you're enjoying Producer! The effect you're asking about at 2:01 was created using adjustment layers. For more information please visit our website or contact our complimentary technical support department.

  10. Awesome presentation! can anyone please tell me the name of the fonts used in this video? they are pretty smart

  11. A video mask was used to create this effect. While the video file used in this show is not bundled with Producer, it is easy to find similar, royalty free content on the web from places such as iStockphoto.

  12. This video was uploaded using the built-in YouTube uploader in ProShow Producer. We used 'HD Best Quality' to get this result.

  13. Dear Photodex,

    In what format did you upload this to YouTube? Did you use the native YouTube via Create Output (Assuming HD – Best) or did you use a different codec?

    Please advise.

    Thanks! It looks awesome!!!

  14. Several viewers have asked how the broken glass transition that occurs about 20 seconds in was produced. Was it really done in Producer? Yes! This effect was created with a video mask. Producer supports video media as well as masking and when combined they produce visually compelling results like the one you see in this example. All of the content here was assembled exclusively in Producer, without the use of third party software.

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