25 thoughts on “ProShow Producer 4.0 Demo Show

  1. Estou fazendo um vídeo no proshow producer 4 , porém após carregar o áudio não estou conseguindo ouvir o som. Acho que cliquei em alguma função que deixou no mudo. Você pode me ajudar?

  2. I've been using a plugin for Final Cut pro called coverflux which does gorgeous reflective slideshows but it's alwaus been limited to still images. Does this software do anything similar, reflective slidewhows with video clips.

  3. Hi, that particular style was made using keyframing. In Producer 5 there are many similar-lookin effects that are built-in and part of the slide styles. Check out the style 'Simple Tilt and Zoom' for a similar look.

  4. Howdy,i just luv this software,the best ever when it comes to making slideshows and a must have for everybody,ty for makin it available.

    It be greatly appreciated if u could lemme know how to achieve the effect @1:16 with video running in the background and photos sliding across it and name the styles that have been used in this video clip.

  5. This is an effect created with Producer's built-in keyframes to make each layer appear to come on the screen at a different time. You can download a free trial of ProShow Producer from our website to check it out for yourself.

  6. OMG honestly this software is absolutely AMAZING! I downloaded the trial and within 10 minutes of messing about id created something REALLY really good with nice transitions, effects and music! I'll be honest I dont normally 'buy' software but im actually going to part with my hard earned pennies for this 🙂

  7. @awesomelinkinpark100 the only way to remove the evaluation banner is to purchase the software. You can purchase a registration for ProShow from our website.

  8. @analfabeta53 can you please contact our customer service department? they can take a closer look at what's going on and fix the issue for you. photodex . com / contact

  9. @lovellespice you can edit video clips in ProShow Producer too. download a free trial on our site to test it out. Thanks, Photodex

  10. @ce3jay Hi there. ProShow will read the transparency in .psd and gif files. If you're having trouble with a .gif file you may need to contact our support department and send them the file in question. Yes, you can overlap two images in a slide. Drag and drop your first image onto the Slide List, then select your second image, hold down the CONTROL button on your keyboard and drop it onto the first image. This will combine both images onto one slide.

  11. Amazing!

    I follow someone who uses this and always enjoy and appreciate the beauty and the effects of ProShow! Thanks for this great promo of its many features!

  12. @MrEdwingt Hi there, shoot us an email and one of our reps will help you with this issue. You can contact us via our website, just click the Help button in the top right of the screen.

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