[Preview] Cholesterol on keto: what to do about it – Dave Feldman

What happens to cholesterol levels on a keto diet? Can weight loss cause increased LDL cholesterol levels? Can resistance training lower LDL cholesterol?

Dave Feldman has carried out a number of extremely ambitious n=1 experiments and measured what happened to his cholesterol profile. In this presentation from the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference, he talks about his experiments and the sometimes surprising results.

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3 thoughts on “[Preview] Cholesterol on keto: what to do about it – Dave Feldman

  1. i'm trying keto, i write down everything on cronometer. 20-35g carbs (mostly close to 20), 70-90% fat in the end, about 1k calorie deficit, training 4 times a week strength (5-3-1, without joker sets, and only 3 sets each of the volume exercises), and 1-2 times cardio (punching bag 2min x 10, 1 min pause, 20 sec x 10, 45 sec pause; or elipsis 10min warmup, 4min max, 2min cooldown, 4min, 2min, 4min,2min, 4min, 10min cooldown for stamina). I lost 10 kgs in 6 weeks roughly (estimate 3-4 waterweight), but my LDL went sky-high…. and my HDL very very low. Trying another test in a couple of weeks to see if something improved, otherwise i have to change.

    This is a typical day, https://imgur.com/qyTGfaG most of it is the same everyday (today was shrimps, other day may be chicken or other meats… but like the oil, eggs, nuts, etc are pretty much same or similar every day, all cooked at home, 0 refined sugars).

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