2 thoughts on “Pioneer SX-650 receiver test

  1. Ah, the pioneer SX-650. First let me get the complaints out of the way. I really liked the blue dial lights of the 30 series (SX-636) much better, but have to admit there's something sexy about the silver face plate.
    The biggest problem was with the power switch on a rotary knob with the speakers. The SX-650 had no muting delay when powered up, this COULD lead to switching noise. A push button or toggle switch would have been better. Speaking of toggles, the front panel toggle switches had a very positive feel (and sound) when flipped on or off, nice touch!
    Good things about the SX- 650? You bet. It offered 35 wpc and in 1977 that was neat. Also had a very good FM front end for a unit in its price range. Two tape monitors and an aux input plus high filter (only 6db/oct but helpful). Only one way dubbing was possible, but hey most other 35 watt receivers only had one monitor. It also had a mic input!
    Got my SX-650 in 1978 at Crazy Eddie's in NYC. When I added a pair of Ohm Acoustics Model L speakers my Bay Ridge, Brooklyn apartment really came alive, WOW. Enough output to impress if not annoy the neighbors!
    Don't be fooled by its age, the SX-650 is still a formidable unit. If you don't agree check out the prices on E-bay. Not my main amp anymore, but there's nothing to apologize for with the SX-650. Thanks for letting me rant.

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