ONYX Motorbikes – Awesome or Not Awesome? (Review)

ONYX comes to New York! In this episode we review the very first ONYX Motorbikes to grace our city. We’ll give you the lowdown on these innovative electric mopeds. Then Bennett continues work on our own MOTO e-moped project. Thanks for watching!
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41 thoughts on “ONYX Motorbikes – Awesome or Not Awesome? (Review)

  1. Just as a disclaimer that cannot be classed as a moped in most US states or any State that I know of because of the top speed. That is classed as a motorcycle and requires a DOT helmet, registration, license plate, insurance, and a class m license

  2. I had headphones in and wasn’t looking at the screen when I heard my name in the video. Thought I lost my fuckin mind 😂

  3. Hello, I am kindly wondering what is the height from lowest point to the highest point (handlebar/speedometer)? Kindly let me know please.

  4. This thing would be an awesome commuter for shorter commutes. I know for where I live there are a lot of times you have to jump on the interstate to get places.

  5. That's a bicycle with an engine. If you thinking about wasting your money on this go get an cheap electric bike for commuting or for something longer and you want to drive with other cars get a cafe racer.

  6. Lol, that battery strap is a "tactical" nylon belt. I actually wear the same one. I'm not faulting them for it. It works great here and is probably better for the price than about anything.

    These things look sweet though. 60mph seems a little terrifying, but scary is fun.

  7. Nice video guys! It's the first time I see the ONYX. I thought the design looked a little bit cheap. Other than that I loved it. And I love the idea of electric mopeds ! see ya

  8. They make some cool electrics now, but its just not appealing to me. I say 'If it don't run on gas, thanks ill pass' haha

  9. What're the california laws on these? I've checked out a few websites but they're a little dodgy on whether you need a moto license

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