Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights

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20 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019 final highlights

  1. Roger has one of the highest tiebreak win percentages ever, yet he lost all three in this match, there is something about Djoko that makes him reluctant in those clutch points.

  2. This match takes so much energy for both of them, look what happen after this match, especially at US Open. Nadal take advantage of it.

  3. So glad Djokovic won just to shut that disgusting crowd up, anyone would of thought fed was British !!!!!!!! But anyone who knows Djokovic knows that only made him stronger well done 🙂 and I am British not Serbian lol

  4. It's not just a British crowd who hate him. Maybe if he behaved with class and dignity he wouldn't be so detested on a tennis court. I've been to many tennis tournaments over the years and I have a lot friends/ family who are involved with the sport too.. yet I'm still to find a die hard Novak fan. He's just not that likeable, sorry.

  5. As a Federer fan, I'm nothing but impressed by Djokovic; he showed that he's up the challenge of attaining the "GOAT" status so hotly discussed by fans of each of the top three male players for so long. While I've bought into Roger having laid claim to that title, it would have been even more tempting to say "GOAT = R.F.!!!!" had he won this match. Yet, at his age, and with all of his "failings" over his career (he is human), what I've come to accept is that, even if Roger was sitting pretty with 21 slam titles, Novak is not going away. He would still have enjoyed a positive H-2-H against Roger, as does Rafa, and at some point, probably through both Roger's retirement and Novak's continuing dominance, will break Fed's slam record, be it 20 or 21. Roger will not be able to make up for past deficiencies against his two primary rivals (the aforementioned head to heads will, I think, always be in Novak's and Rafa's favor), and Novak will be playing for a good while longer than Roger, and probably Rafa (meaning a good chance at an overall greater singles titles haul). He may break the overall number of weeks sitting atop the rankings at #1, and may take even more year-end tournament trophies. However, I still feel that Roger's place in the GOAT debate is tangible. He turned the tables on his arch nemesis, Rafa, about three years ago in an epic Australian Open final, really what Wimbledon 2019 could have been given one or two more groundstrokes going Roger's way (as a fan, I won't dwell on that.) He continues to make deep runs at slams, and win meaningful titles. His style of play, as I see it, is the purest, and most technically proficient; it is the style I'd try to teach a prospective student. While Rafael Nadal has just chalked up his 19th slam at the open, father time is creeping up on him as well; it's also been a while since he's beaten Novak in a big match. Were Nadal to win 20 or 21, he's still pretty likely to have less overall singles titles than Roger, and the preponderance of clay court success on his resume does little for his place in the greatest overall player in the men's game. With Roger and Rafa gone, and Novak firmly at the top, the path seems open for Djokovic to overtake many records set by the other two greats. Herein lies a potential "catch-22"; when the Swiss and the Spaniard are retired, does Novak not run the unavoidable "risk" of winning his future titles and earnings in an era eerily similar to Federer's heady days? Who will Novak's chief competitors be on the tour? How will "the record" regard such challenges by the likes of the "NextGen" players vying for big titles against the Serbian great? Many who are not in Roger's "GOAT" camp quickly point out that his many of his slam titles were against lower ranked players in the final matches, but what about the road to those finals? Players "get hot" all the time, and Fed was in many instances the one to cool them off at the biggest stages of the largest tournaments. I think it's important to look at a player's consistency throughout their career as well as their finals and titles to gain a better overall picture of who's best, and who they beat on the way to the final match as well. I'm not saying Novak is unworthy of future GOAT status, but the future holds in it a bit of a vacuum for him; each of the big three's greatness is largely based on a winning comparison of the other two…

  6. Djokovics facial expression after winning it says it all… It wasn't self satisfaction from winning but more like satisfaction from an enemy losing… The enemy being the crowd and all his haters

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