37 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic: 2019 Wimbledon Final Championship Win Tennis Channel Interview

  1. What a beautiful person you are, Novak! Congratulations, you won not only against Federer but against the public as well! Bravo!!<3

  2. The slams are corp globalists, they keep 93 percent and give the lucky peons 7 percent.

    Metro pussys like nadal and fed are placed there so not to fight for what is the olayers.
    Useless cheaters nadal and fed did nothing on counsel.

    New hetero sheriff in town.

    Joker will get 30 percent and change venue of slams to non corp neo criminals.

    Laver sold out for a few bucks for laver cup bs.

    Like Connors is going to team up with Macenro, you been smokin vancouver weed.
    Enemies dont olay serious together ever, rather like to hit balls in the ars of each other you fools.

    Total neo con payoff to laver and fed.

  3. My respect for Djokovic just skyrocketed during and after this match. I have always been a fan of him but that match made me realise just how great he truly is.

  4. Roger

    How is it that balls bounce crazy high in his matches only, rafa couldn’t adjust.

    How is it that the balls are getting so light keeping roger able to hit faster serves.

    How is it that he never gets tired in long rallys 5 hours in at age 38 lol I know

    How is it that he never slips on grass or clay lol I know

    How is it that so many umpire calls go against his opponents lol I know

    How is it that so many line calls are against his opponents lol I know.

    How is it he plays the easiest draws against players nobody has ever heard og lol I know

    How is it that so many opponents Implode for no reason lol I know

  5. "Novak Djokovic is, without doubt, truly inspiring. He's a legend already in tennis…he's a devoted, caring father…a loving husband…an absolute warrior when it comes to supporting children's education…and he's a true humanist, too. He is extremely unique on and off the court as he exemplifies character and class without being ostentatious. So eloquent, respectful, intelligent. In fact, he shows far more respect to everyone around him than he receives in return. Novak will, one day, receive the love and appreciation that he so richly deserves, but maybe only after the watching public grow older and wiser. Maybe only then will they will look back, open their eyes, and see what a wonderful tennis player and human being he is…and an example to all.
    I think he's one of the nicest guy out there!!!"

  6. Federer has a VERY well known reputation for CHOKING in CRUCIAL moments so nobody was that surprised when he CHOKED while serving for the match up 40-15 with 2 Championship Points…Pretty sad for such a GREAT player

  7. Well done Serbia, like always ! My favourite people 💪🏻💪🏻🇷🇸
    Balkan brotherhood ❤️❤️
    Best regards and love from Romania 🇷🇴

  8. You should have lost. He had the game, but somehow Roger goes into a zombie mode when the critical point particularly against Djoko and Nadal in finals not semifinals.

  9. Congrats novak. As a Roger fan , this is the most painful match i have ever seen, but well deserved. You ve got to be a mental giant to go through all of this and find a way to win. Although your game is not beautiful or particularly pleasing on the eye, it is brutally effective and unequaled in its consistency and flexibility. You didnt play your best for most of the 5 hours, but You came up with your best when you needed it.
    Champion spirit.

  10. Federer played better… I like Djoko but Federer played better and he also beat Nadal in the semis… Federer lost in tiebreaks while Federer won sets by breaking an entire game… Had championship point but choked… Sad -_-'

  11. Novak summed up that match best, Roger dominated most parts of the match and dictated most of the points, Roger was the aggressor while Novak was defending and was the one on the back foot most trying to find ways to stay in the points.

    But in the majority of the most important points Novak found the right 'game' to win those points.

    Novak himself knew he didn't play particularly his best tennis throughout, for 1 he could've served better, and also returned 2nd serves better

  12. I'll let you know why people don't put him up right next to federer or nadal. Its because of his on court behaviour, arguing with umpires, shouting out when angry, breaking rackets.

    I am a nadal fan through and through, and Im not going to say djokovic as a bad player because hes not, he's amazing but it's the on court behaviour is what I don't like compared to nadal and federer where they seem more respectful and understanding of the situation.

    Is like kyrios I think he's a very good player and I want to back him but his behaviour on court and mentally is just for me and many others not good/ disgusting.

  13. The demigods are with him…

    “That man, who having eaten meat, gives it up afterwards wins merit by such a deed that is so great that a study of all the Vedas or a performance, O Bharata, of all the sacrifices [Vedic rituals], cannot give its like. (Mahabharata Anu 115.16)

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