New Lightlife Burger Review: Is it as Good as Beyond?

In today’s episode, I’m reviewing the new plant-based burger from Lightlife. If you haven’t already, pretty soon you’ll see these in the meat section of your local supermarket right next to the Beyond Burger. So, the real question is: Is the Lightlife burger as good as the Beyond Burger, or just a cheap knockoff?


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9 thoughts on “New Lightlife Burger Review: Is it as Good as Beyond?

  1. Loved the review. Very well done. Although I am not a Vegan I have to reduce my red meat intake to almost Nil. So I appreciate this video. I have eaten Impossible burgers, Beyond Bergers and even bought Beyond Meat and made spaghetti. I fed it to a real food pro and he couldn't tell it was the Beyond meat. Which is juicy and very beefy like but the smell gets to me. Even after its cooked. Impossible burger is very good but has soy and the beef flavor is weak and its not as juicy. Impossible burgers don't have a nasty smell so I take an allergy tablet before I eat one because of the soy. Please keep posting videos. So with your video I might try this one. Hard to say. I think Beyond would be perfect if they got rid of that smell of wet pet food. I smell it even with the Carl's burger still wrapped up before I open it !!!! I can say the Beyond Meat was incredible as spaghetti. I doctored it because I am not a vegan and like certain fat flavors. I put a little butter and chicken broth in it to smooth over the slight lack of meat taste. If they improve on this. I would eat this and never have to doctor it up. They are heading in the right direction. Sorry if my comment is offensive but I was just downloading info to help anyone who might not be Vegan and still wanted feedback that might help.

  2. Great review. Thanks for the info. I wish there’d be new options that tasted like the Impossible burger, which is perfect in my opinion.

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