New Balance 306 Jamie Foy Skate Shoes Wear Test Review – Tactics

Jamie Foy’s first pro model shoe with New Balance has a vulcanized design and a durable construction to keep you skating the shoes longer. The single-piece toe box design keeps the stitches back away from the highest wear areas, and underneath the upper is a rubber shield that wraps all the way around the foot so that you’ll be protected on all sides. Inside the shoe is the ABZORB+ technology and a polyurethane insole that has enough impact protection for Big Boy Foy himself, so you know it’s good.

Check out the Jamie Foy 306 skate shoes at Tactics:

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12 thoughts on “New Balance 306 Jamie Foy Skate Shoes Wear Test Review – Tactics

  1. i like the guy is very clam and cool about how the sneakers are. Especially the three flip 50 grind part…..i cant believe he did that.
    that was "♤♤♤Hot knife goes through butter"- move….

  2. Really nice shoes, i got a weird question. Someone know if Donald Trump owned New Balance? Because i have a lot respect to the mexican people and i dont want to wear them if it's the case!!

  3. Sweet review! Fair warning, most NB# aren't true to size. Pro Courts fit half a size too large and most of their other vulcs and cups fit half a size too small. These could be true to size though and that would be rad if they were!

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