My Smear Test Experience ❤

Welcome back to my channel! Today I bring you my account of what happens during the smear test. I answer your questions and give advice on what to do before/when you go to your own. Be sure to book your test if you haven’t already, it could save your life!

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See you soon with another video!

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20 thoughts on “My Smear Test Experience ❤

  1. I think it's normally pain-free for people, but some people can experience pain (like me coz of endometriosis). If you haven't had sex for a while you should deffo have the nurse put lube on it – they don't like to do that (according to my previous GP coz of the tester guys), but will do if you need it. Well done you sharing your experience! I need to book mine now!

  2. I hate smear tests I had one done not that long ago it hurt so bad lol which was weird to me because I was told pain free haha It was interesting though to hear about your experience I am way to shy to make a video about this haha

  3. Embarrassing part of pap smear putting fingers in side vagina area before and after it's done. Pelvic exam are not useful screening too healthy women and can be harmful especially sexual abuse. Pelvic exam are not effective way to diagnose ovarian cancer or STD. Urine sample test all you need to do for STD. Pelvic exam are so anxiety inducing uncomfortable or painful that they can even cause healthy women to avoid medical care altogether

  4. Very Informative. My girlfriend tries to avoid hers but goes at the end.
    PS that Malfoy in the corner of your room would freak me out

  5. Cancer is horrible and everyone that can be checked for any type, should be. We men have a terrible test that we face at the age of about 40, and we hate to have it done…but it keeps many men alive. Good job keeping this topic in focus for many.

  6. Absolutely loved this video!! I've actually searched these types of videos before, a smear test terrifies me! I'm only 22 and I'm from Scotland, so I know you need to be 25 but it's something I've talked about with friends before and I have severe social anxiety so the thought of some stranger being all up in there makes me feel some type of way. Don't like the thought of that at all. When the time cones for me to go of course I will get it done but I'll still be terrified. I've never had a doctor look at anything "private before" I would take my mum with me to the doctors for sure, this video was very informative and I'm glad you made this video.

  7. I agree with you 100% it’s not fun and uncomfortable but definitely important! I’m glad you covered this not a lot of young women don’t know what to except but this is super helpful. Thank you for such a great video 🧡

  8. I was quit nervous for my first one. I didnt want to go but I knew that if something would happen I would feel so guilty. They ended up using a smaller instrument and then it was do-able, especially when I look back on it.

  9. Prevention with anything is key to a healthy life! It's awesome that you share such important stuff with your audience.😊

  10. thanks for raising awareness on such an important subject. two mins of pain/embarrassment can save your life.

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