14 thoughts on “Morning dog walk to the market in Da Nang, Vietnam

  1. Glad to see that Da Nang is dog friendly. How does your dog handle the heat? I'm planning to retire in Da Nang in a few years and get a dog when I get there.

  2. The Saigon expat Facebook page recently had lots of discussion about dog snatching there. Several even commented on snatching dogs on a leash while on motorbike. I assume that is a much bigger problem there than in Danang?

  3. How’s the heat treating your husky, husky’s are beautiful pets and have a lot of energy,thanks for sharing ELi think your husky knows where they give the food to her 👍👍👍 my family has a German Shepherd mix,your correct you got to keep an eye on your dog at all’s Times

  4. Nice Video Eli,i didn't expect to see a Husky in Vietnam!!! it's always great to see the locals going about their daily life at the local markets.

  5. A dog in Vietnam is actually a good idea. It's a loyal friend, protection, exercise partner. And emergency food in hard times.

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