Lowering Cholesterol Is Dangerous – Beware of These Side Effects

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Lowering Cholesterol Is Dangerous – Beware of These Side Effects

Lowering bad cholesterol does not reduce the risk for the development on heart disease and stroke. Often times referred to as the cholesterol myth, it’s time to re-evaluate our health policies on this issue.

Cholesterol reduction can actually contribute to lowering bile acids, vitamin D, CoQ10, and sex steroids like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

By blocking these important nutrients and hormones, you can actually increase your risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia (Alzheimer’s), muscle pain, fatigue, low hormones, poor digestion.

If you are looking to lower LDL, new evidence shows that a low carb diet or keto diet can help lower LDL naturally.

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20 thoughts on “Lowering Cholesterol Is Dangerous – Beware of These Side Effects

  1. What if your LDL is made up of the small dense particle size? Nothing (food and lifestyle) seems to work to bring this down.

  2. Got off Statins years ago a while after MCI…now taking Plant Stenols/sterols. Any comment on those? And is there a specific test for low CoQ10 for any person? Know some people that have unexplained fatigue and wondered if it could be that…seniors. Thank you!

  3. First it was Vioxx, now it’s Statins! Big Pharma is always cherrypicking data and deceiving the public into taking their drugs. Keep everyone sick and they will always have customers! Thanks so much for your valuable information and advice.

  4. Dr Osborne – you are 100% correct in your video presentation. But in our view it is NOT the fault of Big Pharma or Physicians who are under their control and prescribe Statins like confetti. It is 100% the fault of the consumer who fails to educate and inform themselves' about their own body and how it works! Firstly, there is no such thing as BAD cholesterol – it does not exist in medical science! Low Density and Very Low Density Lipoproteins – so called 'Bad Cholesterol' – are necessary to transport Cholesterol around the body. Lipoproteins can however, become oxidised and get trapped in injured areas of the main arteries, and because they are combined with a fatty, sticky substance called Cholesterol, arteries can gradually become blocked (occluded) – this is not rocket science! Fact: The human brain contains more Cholesterol than any other organ in the body – but don't expect your Doctor to tell you that! Cholesterol is a natural and necessary part of virtually every cell in the body and is required in the skin to help manufacture Vitamin D – did your Doctor ever tell you that? Statin drugs are one of the biggest scams in the medical field, yet millions of dumb British 'patients' are so stupid they often decide to take this poison for the rest of their life, even if they suffer side effects… can you believe it?! We accuse these Statin junkies of a self-inflicted ailment that has no known cure – we call it Ignorance & Apathy.

  5. Yes, I got muscle ache from statin use right away. I'm not falling for the lies anymore.
    Drug companies know. If fact one of them took out a patent on CoQ10 and a statin combination just to cover their backs but never used it except it blocks their competitors.

  6. More worse, – 20 months after intake… Most docs don't know… https://www.mdedge.com/ccjm/article/89182/immunology/identifying-statin-associated-autoimmune-necrotizing-myopathy
    Statin = poison

  7. Dr. Osborne what are your thoughts on plant sterols and their role in lowering LDL cholesterol ? … Thank You … Loving the new video intro… 👍😁🥰

  8. Nicely done Dr Osborn. I've been talking about this for years as well. In fact, here is a couple articles that backs what you say. https://getyourleanon.com/nutrition/the-truth-about-dietary-cholesterol/

  9. As usual, really good researched information. When I was practicing in-home health care I tried to point this problem out to more than one doctor and got no response at all.

  10. Timely video, thanks for the ammo I will be sharing with my Dr. Went 3 days ago as followup to labs, cholesterol was 239. Both Dr’s came in to convince me I needed Statins but I argued my cholesterol has always been high & my good cholesterol is also high. Was on 17 meds at one time & taking meds for the side effects of others. I decided to slowly wean myself off this dope. It took years but down to 5 now. Just had hip replacement due to long term steroid use. Be your own patient advocate, no one will look out for you better than you will.

  11. Elevated cholesterol does not cause disease, it's a sign that you might potentiall have a disease/inflammation prolbem. Cholesterol is the body's 'bandaid', the body makes cholesterol and sends it to damaged cells in order to patch them up. That's why the elderly have higher cholesterol – as we get older, our body gets more and more 'scuffed' and needs more cholesterol to keep it up and running – and why the higher your cholesterol is as you get older, the longer you live. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!! I get so tired of 'scientists' who constantly confuse corrolation and causation, especially since I found out after my mother's death that she had been taking statins for at least twenty years, and she had all the 'side effects', for which she got more 'medicine', of course. I know of too many iatrogenic disseases, but the cholesterol myth cuts close to home.

  12. Excellent info! Had high cholesterol since I was a teenager and already knew deep in my gut to say no to statins at a young age. Liver cleansing and reducing stress reduced it. What a shocker

  13. Amen to that. I've taken 3 different statins over the past 15 years and refuse to take them anymore. My NP and Endocrinologist/Diabetic Specialist even tried to put me on them again last week, with no avail. I'm sick n tired of being sick n tired. I've even got anxiety issues over it all. Yeah so I am on low dose sertraline now and some fancy designer drug insulin and diabetic pills and my thyroid med has been increased. I swear they are out to kill me while taking my extra drug insurer for a ride on the money train.

  14. They have tried to get me to take this med for years, I refused. Went low-fat and bad cholesterol went up, so I did not trust anymore. Thank you!

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