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This will be the last leak i listen to until the album “Eternal Atake” releases. With all the music Lil Uzi has put out lately i wouldn’t be surprised if we already listened to the whole album. With that being said i want to at least have something to review when the album comes out but i appreciate the reciprocation you guys been giving

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43 thoughts on “Lil Uzi – Slayerr REACTION/REVIEW

  1. Meami check us out bro I wanna know what chu think….👑👑👑🙏🙏🙏

  2. Nah this man says he gives Credit where credit is due but he has more uzi songs on his channel than any other rappers the low key the biggest fan of his but just hating on him. This man is a clout chaser don’t listen to anything he says he doesn’t know anything at all

  3. Ya'll finally fucking with Pepsi as soon as ya'll get a mini fridge but turn them down when coke ain't available at olive garden bruh

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