Kyrgios FOCUSES, Wins Washington + Montreal Preview | THE SLICE


Stephen review’s Nick Kyrgios’ win in Washington this week and previews the Masters 1000 tournament in Montreal, Canada.

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21 thoughts on “Kyrgios FOCUSES, Wins Washington + Montreal Preview | THE SLICE

  1. Nick is a lune

    Where is my fucking white towel

    He meant to say I am an idiot and I am throwing in the white towel cause I stink

  2. Good analysis of Krygios and DC. You still need to improve your pronunciations of the players, man. That’s a shame your own country didn’t give you a pass. That sucks. Catch the QF’s with you then…

  3. Ahhh I knew it! Nick being Nick and not being able to be consistent. Hopefully he has a good recovery week and plays well in Cinci and the US Open but I'll believe it when I see it.
    Nothing has changed :/

  4. The great thing is, Nick says 'tennis is just a game', and his type of play actually breathes that statement! And is wonderful to watch! When Novak plays, it feels robotic and measured; when Rafa plays, he breathes hard work, total physical and mental commitment and stretch; when Roger plays, it's like a powerful Barishnikov, when Nick plays, you're reminded that as a kid you played with toys.

  5. Nick is certainly a very dangerous opponent we all know that, but I'd like to see him back this title up by winning a Masters event or going deep in a slam then everyone will take him more seriously.
    Also nice to see Little Diego winning a tournament! 5ft 7 inches of tennis brilliance is Scwartzy.

  6. Great to see you recover from the Wimby final! Took me a long time too! Also, not only has Kyrgios beaten all of the big three – he did it in all of his first matches against them.

  7. I think the comments by Rafa hurt him. While Nick can come across as disrespectful at times, Rafa was actually disrespectful as well.

  8. Fedtards are sercret fans of Nick kyrigos 😒what a shame .. Novak Djokovic is and will always be better than both Roger and Nick because out of the last 6 slams Novak has 4 Roger 0 Nick 0..I'd rather have Rafa 2nd after Novak Djokovic..So chill out fedtards we see you from far..

  9. Nick seems to prioritise family and friends over tennis ever since his grandmother died. I think it is healthy that he does what makes him happy.

  10. Lavar cup here we come! I’m gonna give Montreal a price of my mind too. I can’t believe you got rejected on your home soil again! Didn’t they see you with a Miami media pass??? Every subscriber needs to write them a piss off letter. 5 thousand piss offs will get you a media pass.

  11. Nick's body is broken. He needs to rest up. I doubt he'll do anything in Canada, but I'd love to see him beast mode the USO

  12. NOW everbody seeing that the most federer fans are the the biggest hypocrite in the human history….for 5 months was kyrgios like hitler,stalin or skeletor….since his negative interview about djokovic…..I SWEAR i hear everytime kyrgios here ,kyrgios there…what do you expect from federerfans…they need a new messias…….

    thank you novak that you punishing all this hypocrites

    by the way for me is kyrgios always the same guy…I find him not too bad…

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