Jason Witten: I Know That I’m Ready | Dallas Cowboys 2019

TE Jason Witten shares his thoughts on finally making his official return this week vs the New York Giants.

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18 thoughts on “Jason Witten: I Know That I’m Ready | Dallas Cowboys 2019

  1. Ok go sit on the bench and you can probably get a ring. Should have been on the bench behind Bennett and Hanna. Jarwin is here now. He’ll get his true opportunity unlike the other two.

  2. I think the wholezeek thing was over this.. yes zeek we treat our players well.. u pushed our hands. We know what whitten has done for us.. but no zeek we have no ideal what your capple of in the play offs

  3. Just glad he kept quiet during the Zeke contract ordeal and let Jason win a Super Bowl! Too many young dudes in this team and they need a father figure to slap them around who isn't their real boss!

  4. I remember coming home from work in Houston to Dallas around 1990.Company truck radio was out.We bought a portable radio and it wouldn't work in the trunk.Russel says hope you know we are stopping at the rest area to listen to the game!Cowboys and giants no problem.We could have been home time the game was over don't even remember who won.

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