Isuzu MU-X vs Holden Trailblazer 2019 review: tow test

You want to know the Holden Trailblazer towing capacity, and the Isuzu MU-X towing capacity, and which of these two is the “best SUV for towing caravan”. Okay, you might actually have better grammar than that, but we know you’ve been searching for this test. So here it is!

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32 thoughts on “Isuzu MU-X vs Holden Trailblazer 2019 review: tow test

  1. We have the previous model MUX LST in 2wd. and with the old 5 sp auto. Average fuel consumption unloaded is more like 8.9 l/100km and towing a loaded double horse float (admittedly lower in weight than the test) around 16 l/100km. Almost four years and 160,000 kms later and it still pulls and tows exactly the same as the day we bought it. Yes the engine is a touch noisier than the Holden and the torque figures on paper are lower but the engines and gearboxes are built for long life and in real world driving it just works.

  2. The trailblazer May look slightly more modern inside but outside the MU-X looks WAY better in quality. I choose a 2wd LST for my wife and it’s an amazing car all round. We got 9.5litres per 100km on the Hume hwy

  3. my landcruiser 200 series v8 uses 22–25 l per 100 and that was over 7000kms towing a 2500kg van @110 and 115km/h so these things are no more economical, ill stick with the power of the v8 thanks!!

  4. Smarter to just buy a Pajero Sport for similar money. Much nicer for the money and far better transmission and drivetrain.

  5. Yes MUX has 65 liters of fuel tank but mind this even a 3.0 liter mux will go 7.9liters per 100Ks

    And also its young twin the 1.9 liter how about that?

  6. 25l per 100 hahaha yeah right learn to tow some one has a lead foot. I average 15.5l per 100km if its really windy then thatll climb to 18-19l per 100km. he must have driven the hills!!!

  7. there very similar, ISUZU have way better customer service and after care, HOLDEN like most other manufacturers don't give a stuff about there customers.

  8. Who's the Holden Trailblazer built by? Holden would stick a badge on any random vehicle. For $52000 you would be a complete fool buying any Holden. Booo Holden , Boooo

  9. The other thing is the amount of lemon 2.8 colarados and trailblazers there are is horrific, the Isuzu is the better option not only is it real life more efficient than the Colorado (after doing 5 separate test with me and my mates we came to the conclusion) but it has a lot more left in the tank power wise… The 4jj1 motor is well know in the desiel industry for the being by far the best motor for big power but it is also a bigger and a lot more beeffer motor that is tuned to be understressed (it does have a terrible throttle tune..)and last a life time.

  10. What muppet would spend that much on an Isuzu that is a previous generation RG Colorado. Just buy the Colorado 7 and spend the extra on mods

  11. I go for trailblazer. It has more horsepower and torque. It is fuel efficient with a combined 12 kms/liter. It is also better on off-roading compared to the other suvs.

  12. Think I'll choose a Touareg V6 with Air Suspension. Buy a used one with <50,000k for the same price as one of these two, and enjoy a classy interior, stupendously good engine, auto-levelling suspension, optimised for towing.

  13. I always liked Isuzu vehicles. Well thought out, simple, reliable and not overpriced. It was a shame General Motors ruined them so badly they pulled out of America, except for some commercial delivery trucks.

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