25 thoughts on “iPhone X Face ID vs Touch ID: Which Is Faster?

  1. Touch ID is so much easier. Just feels natural and it's so much more reliable. Even the One plus 7 has an in display finger print scanner. Wish apple would take notes. I have a note 9 and the scanner works great but it's in a stupid spot and it gets irritating.

  2. Touch id is safer,because if you have twin that has a really similiar face to your face,he/she can unlock your iphone's face id

  3. 1/1000000 for face id? Once I was quite surprise that two of my friends, say A and B, not looking alike at all but just similar noses. B can unlock A's phone with her face 80% of the time, not vice versa, but still…

    We tested this for hours, we even rescan each person's device for their face and the result was the same!

  4. I'm still using fingerprint scanner even my phone can do face recognition I use both but I think fingerprint bis the best

  5. Great review., thanks. From my own experience, I upgraded from 7+ to X and then to 8+ (after three months with the X). Must say, I did find FaceID 1.0 very impressive, but as a frequent road bike & motorcycle rider, also found it frustrating when X mounted to handlebar brackets. Often used passcode on the bike due to angle restriction and when riding my motorcycle, FaceID was irrelevant feature when wearing a helmet. Also, in your test, you have both phones next to each other, which is not a necessity for Touch ID phones. Often you are grabing phone from pocket or desk and applying thumb/finger as you pick it up. Also, for retail purchases, easier to use Touch ID with credit card terminals as the reader is often on the side or fixed. I haven't played with a Xs yet and specs say its faster. Will check out, but even faster ID doesn't solve my bike problem…

  6. Touch ID is better than Face ID maybe you got your iPhone X when you were 7 and now your 18 and you still have iPhone X then you can’t. Go because your face id

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