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  1. My stepmom is dying by degrees in a full time care facility. She’s 84. I’m only 12 years younger than she. I am on no meds. She was on everything—statins, diabetic meds, blood pressure, and on and on. And what did all those meds get her?The slow horrible paralysis and weight loss of dementia. She’s a living skeleton who can no longer do anything for herself. She weighs maybe ninety pounds. Her only pleasures are visitors and food. I told my doctor that if I die because of high cholesterol, so be it. Better than ending up like my stepmom. I tell my kids I plan to go out doing something stupid, like skiing out of bounds, or bungee jumping, or running the bulls. I attribute my current good health to lifting weights for the last 30 years. I’m a recent convert to Keto and carnivore. I will not take statins or bp meds. I will never go back to SAD. And I WILL NOT die in a care facility.

  2. My medical doctor encouraged me to get my cholesterol dropped to 200 by using statin. Absolutely no way did I like another medication to have. And tried out utilizing this particular cholesterol manual “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my amazement, it really gets results. It’s lowered to 200. I have averted the flavour of supplements that are bothersome. .

  3. On a low-carb diet for 10 months my markers all improved including LDL. If you consider a lower LDL improvement. My HDL went from 49 to 68. My triglycerides went from 100 to 64. And my LDL went from 180 to 163. My blood pressure in the morning after I wake up is sometimes 98/54 but usually around 110/64. And my A-1 C is 5.4. And I’m 67 and in the best shape of my life. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I was prediabetic before I started. The way I look at it I’d rather be able to sprint a quarter of a mile in my 80s and 90s then live to 100 or 110 bed ridden in a wheelchair. To me living over 100 years and bedridden only means that you have a very strong heart. And everything else has fallen apart.

  4. If he weighed 300 lbs on a vegan diet then he almost certainly was not following a WFPB diet. I would guess he was a junk food Vegan with a high level of simple carb consumption

  5. I agree do what diet works for you but I would like to see Dave include some low (simple) carb whole food plant based subjects. This would do two things
    1. Open up the debate to see how different people are doing on different diets
    2. Dispel the idea that this is just meat eating propaganda

  6. My significant other appears to be a hyper-responder and has a profile similar to Michael (your guest). If you need another subject for your study, I have the blood work available.

  7. I would also like to point out that LOSING fat off your body requires you to burn it. To burn it, your LDL must go up. Then they give you drugs to make it go down and you stay fat. WTF do they want of us?

  8. 0:47 "I personally a m not responsible…" busted ! Don't fool people by tricking them into believe if you don't have a certainty and your theory is just hypothesis ! STFU !

  9. I wanted to add that the formation of Dave's eyebrows suggest thyroid problems. Just in case I'd have your numbers checked. I know I just talked about my self but I have a degree in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic. Even doctors get sick. I am trying to understand this

  10. This is all super interesting to me I am usually vegan because I was told I had familial hypercholesterolemia
    My husband of 33 years died while sleeping
    I went and got tested. I knew already I had problems. I had angina since I was 48. Anyway after the testing I was sent to surgery pretty quickly. Because I was allergic to the contrast they waited and gave me steroids and antihistamines for a couple of days. Then a quadruple bypass. It helped so much
    No more angina
    But lately , I had a heart attack. No damage thpugh. Also a month layer I had an episode of something like afib. I just started to eat some meat the vegan diet hasn't helped. I hate factory farming but that is a whole other discussipn. I feel guilty but I don't know what else to do. My doc wants me to get the CAC test
    I am keeping my eyes open near Houston for a traveling one. I would like to live! I am 62. My triglycerides are high, my help is low and my old is very high. Would love opinions.

  11. They should trash standardized lipid panels in favor of tests that focus on measuring only the oxidized or damaged cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is harmless regardless of its quantity unless it is oxidized. One reason why high fat low carb diets often work is because such diets prevent diabetes. Diabetics don't do well with respect to cardiovascular disease.

  12. I eat raw meat (+organs, fats) regularly for 12+years. In my opinion it works well. The only downside is I accumulate too much iron so I try limit meat and especially organs. I have to add moderate amount of carbs otherwise I start losing weight. And of course cholesterol. For the last 10 years it's been consistent 250-330 with high LDL.

  13. Thank you for this topic! I just had my lipid results come back insanely high – even higher than Mick's. On keto almost a year, feeling much better than I have in years, wt 108 – dropped 40# – goal (5'2"), 69 yrs old, BP 106/62, glucose 88, many other markers improved. My doctor is terrified!! Planning to redo the test to make sure it was accurate. Even my wellness chiro has never seen LDL as high as mine. DO NOT want to go on drugs!!

  14. I don't recall seeing the citation to the NHANES study from which the chart you displayed was derived. Do you have that, Dave?

  15. Dave, I've never heard you talk about blood type. I recently discovered blood type A is higher LDL and I am blood type A and consider myself a lean mass hyper responder. I am weight trained for many years. Also on another note, people over age 85 I feel eat alot less calories, and smaller meals. They tend to like sweets as well. Just a few thoughts…

  16. Mick, definitely get a CAC score. David Bobbett, a proponent of CAC and producer of the "Widowmaker" movie was previously told by his doctor that his health was excellent and that he was bullet proof. He later found out that he was anything but. You might have a high CAC score but it would be from your past history. Therefore, no matter what your value is now, you will want to retest again in a year from now to see what's happening while being on your carnivore diet. My guess is that your CAC score a year from now will be the same or perhaps lower.

  17. At 15:57 in your video the notation (highlighted in yellow) for triglycerides (on your graph) is incorrect. You have a "greater than" symbol there. It should be changed to a "less than" symbol. The HDL symbol is wrong too. And then you have a typewritten notation just above the graph which is shown correctly. Confusing? You betcha!

  18. When are you going to experiment doing a vegan diet with bloodwork that you mentioned doing on Drewmorg’s show?

    Are you really diet agnostic?

  19. Did I read that correctly? 1.6 mmol fasting insulin? I'm American and would understand that as about 30 mg/dl??!?!?

  20. People who feel amazing don't usually suddenly drop dead. While people do often suddenly drop dead form a heart attack, those people usually don't feel amazing most of the time. My Dad suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack at 55. He'd been on medication most of his life for a chronic athritic condition and smoked and did zero exercise and considering what I now know about energy levels and his penchant to nap in the afternoons was probably suffering insulin resistance or worse.

    Dave, I know you can't come out and make the bold statements about how everything is upside down and how your personal but very scientific findings are flying in the face of everything the medical industry is trying to make us believe, but we all know that so long as you are in good health and eat low carb, then high cholesterol is probably meaningless.

    It makes me angry that even if, even if … the medical industry is doing what it's doing in good faith, it's still wrong.

  21. Thank you Dave, for the amount of people you turn vegan with every single one of the videos you upload. Im feeling so sorry for this poor person having 620 total cholesterol, its amazing that at this moment im typing my comment this poor dude might be dead from a heart attack. But anyway, thank you for promoting the plant based living the best way anyone could ever do.

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