[INDO] Chronicles Of The Ghostly Tribe Movie

The Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe is set in 1979 about the discovery of giant fossils of unknown creatures in the mountains near Mongolia. There are also human remains that are still intact.

The research was begun by the government, with Professor Yang (Wang Qingxiang) as its leader and assisted by one of them, Hu Bayi (Mark Chao), a young soldier.

In that study, a new cave was discovered. The professor and several others including Hu entered it. Up in the bowels of a mountain that is still mysterious, they are attacked by strange and fierce bats.

They fell to the bottom of the cave. When looking for a way out, they find a mysterious ancient temple.

As they entered the temple, a kind of interdimensional portal opened. That made a giant monster creature rise up and kill everyone except Hu. Hu tried to escape with all the effort.

After successfully escaping, Hu was severely traumatized and decided to live a normal life by becoming a librarian.

As time went by, Hu began to forget the terrible incident. However, without Hu’s knowledge, the Professor who was thought to have died appeared and roamed the mountains without full awareness.

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