38 thoughts on “Iga Beef Amiyaki – Gourmet Food in Japan

  1. 13:28 second onion near disaster. I'm surprised they haven't invented a gadget to hold slice of onion together while grilling. Seems like a very Japanese thing, a tool for every singular purpose

  2. 2:30 you just KNOW, when she puts that meat and bathes it in that black juice, you just KNOW how good it's gonna taste..
    And 4:50 is it just me, or is this slightly erotic in a subtle sensual kind of intimate way? xD

  3. I hate to say this, but you were treated like a tourist. Subpar service. Unfortunately you can't really do anything about it.

  4. I just mixed Hoisin sauce and A1, slow smoked a chuck eye steak indirect heat for less than an hour, tender. hoisin and a1, perfect.

  5. Yok abi kimse mangalı bizim Türklerden daha iyi yapamaz. Patlıcan öyle mi közlenir? Havucu da iyi ki koydun adam aç kalacaktı yoksa. Teknik sıfır.
    Nobody can grill better than Turkish people. She has very poor technique about grilling.

  6. Горе повара, что они такие не определенные все? Одна лишняя суета

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