39 thoughts on “How to: Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

  1. I used to have a windows 10 laptop, but then my rude and super annoying little brother ''accidentally'' broke it when he sneaked on it behind my back..!

    Now i have to use my dad's really old laptop called 'Windows Vista' T_T

  2. I love vista, I still use it and I DO NOT WANT TO DOWNGRADE ANYTIME SOON. You might disagree with me, but why else is my profile picture a windows vista background/logo? Like if you still use vista!

  3. My boy how stupid do you think people are if I had an install disk I wouldn't be watching this I'd look up the instructions for the install disk plebian

  4. You can do an in-place upgrade to these editions
    >WV Home Premium to W7 Ultimate
    >WV Business to Enterprise W7 Enterprise or Ultimate
    Note: Enterprise & Ultimate are exactly the same with same features.
    It is different because on the way they are brought or licensed
    Enterprise is available to customers who use the Microsoft's Volume Licensing. Ultimate is available through retail.

  5. I had to downgrade from Windows 10 on my hp stream 14 to Windows Vista, then I found an ISO file on HeiDoc Windows ISO downloader and installed Windows 7, and then went on Upgrade, This process took me 2 hours

    Edit 11/10/18: Finally gonna upgrade to a gaming laptop on 11/23/18

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