45 thoughts on “How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error on WordPress

  1. Last fix is use 9mm gun on the computer 🙂

    BTW thanks for tips my error was file permissions been to secure "600" so 644 worked well I also moved wp-config.php to custom location outside of core directory for security reasons

  2. i need help !
    i edited the theme i just removed a name and my whole dashboard has the error wordpress and the site itself help?

  3. Thanks, I found faulty plugins, so I deleted them and updated what could be updated. Now I am seeking help with technical issues preventing me from updating themes…

  4. How can I "Go into your WordPress admin area. Hover over Settings, and select Permalinks. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Save Changes." when I don't have acces to my site because of the error in the first place?
    In my case it was the WordPress Google Analytics plug-in.

  5. hi, thanks for the video. I know the cause of the error 500 which is happened when installing woocommerce. I contacted the people who made my site and they fixed it but they wanna charge me extra to find out the real cause why the error shows up when installing woocommerce.. thank you!

  6. Great tips! The 500 Internal Server error was only on our Admin panel, btw, not on the live site; the 500 server error is now gone after I renamed .htaccess and resaved Permalinks, but received an error on the top of the Permalinks page: "Permalink structure updated. Remove write access on web.config file now!" A new .htaccess file was also NOT generated. I had to manually re-create and save it. I would like to understand what this error is I see on the Permalinks page and how to fix it. We self-host on a windows server. Many thanks!

  7. I had memory limit issue. The hosting company upgraded and I had to add the command in config file. Thank you. It worked for me.

  8. Thanks very much, your first step (permalinks) restored my wordpress site https://www.pickupbrains.com. Really thanks a lot

  9. Thank you very much, i watch your video it made so much sense to me, though in my own case i transferred from windows to linux operating system, i found that the user.ini file there was the cause, when i deleted it and refreshed, viola!!!! my site was back. Thank you

  10. I can't tell you how I nearly shat my pants when performing a site backup from cpanel of my website and then accidentally hitting refresh. I thought a majority of my files got corrupted and had no prior backup of the website. Thank god for you

  11. This is the error report I get, does anyone know what I have to do? I can't find a 'paused extensions storage' file like it mentions?
    PHP Warning:require(/home/hknpsc9a516j/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-paused-extensions-storage.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/hknpsc9a516j/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 20

  12. Thank you, this resolved my 500 error with your first solution, now I have (htaccess.bak) and new one created automatically once the permalink was adapted, please advise if we can remove or delete the htaccess.bak….. thank you

  13. 3:13 After series of depressing trials, This step worked like magic for me. Thanks so much Elegant Themes for saving my life. Omg! Phhwweeeeew!

  14. Your instructions were really useful man! You just got me out of some serious panic. It was this rich text editor. Thanks a lot and God bless you..

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