How To Expose Bad Mixing with A.I.! Mastering Tips

A video about using Mastering the Mix Expose A.I. software to fix bad mixes. Keep in mind this software is free on Plugin Boutique until October 2019! Its good for seeing what could possible be incorrect and how you could fix it. Be warned that it’s clearly meant for pre-masters and not for stuff that’s been processed already..

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21 thoughts on “How To Expose Bad Mixing with A.I.! Mastering Tips

  1. – Check Mono compatibility/:
    aka put it in mono and see if it sounds like shit

    – Check Loudness with metering (check the true peak LUFS and the average LUFS ).

    just a numbers to see how loud your master is. Don’t over think it

    – Check dynamic range

    Use expose tool. Idk of another way except by listening

  2. Can anybody here point me in the direction of any quality yet affordable mix engineers please? I'm confident of my beats but it simply takes too many hours to get everything sitting just right. If theres anyone out that could help with that we can talk business right away…

    P.S You might see this exact comment posted on several videos, although this is technically 'spam' I'm just trying to get this message out to as many people in the producer community as possible.

  3. The problem is that when you drop some professionel records mixed and mastered by the bests , in the best studios , the plugin finds many issues . How can i trust it after this?

  4. I downloaded the free version of expose for 14 trial, I think it great tool to have as guidance to get the best out of your mix , especially when people are going use different devices

    I least I don’t have to worry about it sounding bad on YouTube, Spotify, sound cloud and on cd, Expose creates this to industry’s standard ..

    Now it’s also great tool to study where your drops are and builds are in you DJ mix, I got good ear now after training it 20 + years

  5. I have expose also it's very useful I agree it would be very useful if could fix the issues inside of expose thanks n much appreciated for the tutorial stay blessed 👍🏾🙏🏾✌🏾

  6. Yo I have this it says my mixing was fine except for one small part but the bass Guitar was buried underneath the sample 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Thanks Ave. I'm learning to mix and master, so I've been using the Mastering The Mix plugin collection of plugins and books together – it's amazing how much information about a mix / master you get from these plugins.
    Personally, I think it's becoming indespensible to use these visual aids, particularly with all the different specs one's tracks have to live up to in these days of streaming.

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