How to download and install Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit and 64bit)

Hello youtube its pspslimhacks
Today im going to show you on how to download and install Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit and 64bit for free

Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit:

Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit:

Activation Crack:

1. Download the Vista file you preffer. 32bit or 64bit (depends if your CPU can support it)
2. Have an ISO burning software like IMG burn or Nero
3. Burn it at a 8x speed that way it down corrupt
(Make sure you have a DVD+R 4.7GB)
Thats it!

Boot it up?
1. Go in to your bios by pressing a key in you keyboard right after the computer starts. I can tell which computer you have so you have to look at your screen and see if it has the word “Setup,boot, or bios”
2. Choose one of those and change the boot priority to boot from the DVD drive first
3. Open the DVD drive and insert the CD you burn
4. Apply the setting and install the OS (Operating system)
5. The Use the activator to activate the OS

1. Run the program
2. Accept the terms and conditions
3. It may start but then u may get an error
4. Click Try again 10 times
and then click continue 10 times
5. Cancel it and it should restart. (If it doesn’t just restart it your self)
6. It should be activated

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25 thoughts on “How to download and install Windows Vista Ultimate (32bit and 64bit)

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  6. i dont want burn i just want mount it i run the setup i click the setup now its works but you need driver checker because you want it to download all driver thats it

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