37 thoughts on “How To Downgrade iOS 9.3.5 To iOS 8.4.1 On The iPhone 4S!

  1. Я захотел перейти на версию 6.1.3 поставил 9A334 и версию iOS 5.0 – дальше устройство перезагружается и ничего. Не пытайтесь.

  2. Да всё получилось, хоть я и не смог загрузить remover но и без него всё прошло. Спасибо!

  3. can this work if i just downgrade to ios 6.1.3 (which i already did)
    and then go to software update and update. without any jailbreaks?

  4. Or, you can downgrade to iOS 6.1.3 by iTunes restore, and then check OTA updates. That should give you an option to update to 8.4.1.

  5. Hi, Ipad 3 wifi downgrade to 8.4.1, It's all right! But, unfortunately I can't install Skype for Ipad(It wants version 10). Is there a solution? Thanx 😉

  6. If you don't want to jailbreak, downgrade your device to IOS 6 using IPSW.me because Apple still sings IOS 6.1.3 for the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. you can install IOS 6 on your iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and then upgrade to IOS 8.4.1. No jailbreak needed

  7. The pwn2wnd repo is down. Remover has vanished from the internet, no one have it… Is it possible to do it using another app? Like Cydia Eraser? Could you share the how-to as well? Thanks

  8. is repo link down?? network error in cydia. http://repo.tihmstar.net/ works but don´t know what comes after the 4 steps

  9. Apple just sign for iOS 6.1.3 just download from ipsw and downgrade with iTunes. That make your iPhone 4s super fast but many apps no longer supported.

  10. For anyone who wants to do this its much easyer and not time consuming just downgrade to ios 6.1.3 (go to ipws iphone 4s and download ios 6.1.3) then when you downgraded to ios 6.1.3 just skipp the apple id and get into the phone go to settings and reset the phone then whe its reset go to update software and there shoud be ios 8.4.1 and just install it if nothing happens just reset the phone again untill it works

  11. I got this to work but I cant sign into app store I message because theres no way to get the 2 step verification code so it's faster but kinda useless for me

  12. pls help for me im on a ipad 2 and i get to where it tells me prepairing for jailbreak and then it glitches off the app and nothing happens Help

  13. Mom has a iPad 2 – 9.3.5 that got updated also and it's slow and unbearable now to use. Which IOs is best to use and stay in for iPad 2? thanks

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