11 thoughts on “How to automatically import Excel Data to Google Sheets?

  1. I do not get the point of this – how is this better than uploading your excel file to Google Drive and opening it there – it gives you one-click option to convert it to a drive sheets file – done! Or is this sheetgo going to pull data automatically from that excel file once there is some data added?

  2. So if you wouldn't want full access to the google drive for everyone on a work computer, you'd have a shared link of the google sheet, then what? How to utilize the link instead of this madness?

  3. Can u help me making some excel software as per my requirement, it will reduce some my workload and i can breath for sometime.

  4. no need these things, just after you add in google drive open in the google drive, it will ask you the permission to open in google sheets. thats it

  5. Hi, thanks for the video. I have a question. What if I want to import the file to a particular existing sheet, instead of letting it creating a new sheet for me? (In your video case, what if I just want to import the file to "Sheet1", instead of "SG_Connection").
    Thank you.

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